Hugo Vargas Cruz

If Hugo Vargas Cruz could choose one song to be his theme song it would be “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Hugo is a curious person. It was this curiosity that led him to leave his home in San Salvador, El Salvador to come to VCU and study Pharmacy. It was the urban setting that drew Hugo to VCU.

“VCU has the most interesting blending with everyday Richmond life,” Hugo said.

Within his program, Hugo has seen diversity in many beautiful ways. There are a lot of people coming from different backgrounds with a common objective to improve healthcare and become amazing pharmacists. Hugo would like to see this diversity grow and improve by expanding the worldwide vision of the profession.

But creating change starts within ourselves and that’s why Hugo became a SCIE Ambassador.

“I want to further develop my leadership skills that would be needed in the modern healthcare setting,” Hugo said.

As advice to new health sciences students, Hugo reminds them that being prepared to face challenges at every moment is crucial. But most importantly, to just be yourself and have healthy fun.

Hugo Vargas Cruz is part of the 2018 – 2019 SCIE Ambassador Cohort.