Katherine Clancy

If Katherine Clancy could have any song as her life’s theme song, she’d pick Indian Summer by Jai Wolf. Coming from Parsons, Kansas, Katherine chose VCU’s College of Health Professions because of its outstanding occupational therapy program.

So far, the SCIE Ambassador Program is where Katherine has seen diversity and inclusion at its best on the MCV Campus. Although she hopes to see the program’s web presence become more interactive.

As a SCIE Ambassador, Katherine hopes to improve her leadership skills as a speaker and a learner.

“I’m a circumlocutive learner and speaker,” Katherine said. “But I would like to gain skills in being more understandable to my audience.”

When it comes to advice, Katherine says that turning intimidation into drive is the best guidance she could give new health sciences students.

“A lot of people don’t pursue health sciences at VCU because they think the programs are too hard,” Katherine said. “I encourage people to turn their intimidation into drive, follow the guidelines offered by the department of interest, talk with someone in the program, and go for it!” Katherine Clancy is part of the 2018 – 2019 SCIE Ambassador Cohort.