School of Pharmacy

Fabrice Kamgang

Fabrice Kamgang is a second-year student at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Pharmacy and a member of the 2017-2018 SCIE Ambassador cohort.

Fabrice earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas and said he chose to attend VCU’s pharmacy school because the program is ranked among the best nationally.

Fabrice said that while he has enjoyed the opportunities he’s had to professionally interact with other health sciences students, he wishes there was more representation of minority students in the health sciences programs.

As a SCIE Ambassador, Fabrice looked forward to making friends and developing working relationships with his fellow ambassadors. He said he hoped that together they would be able to promote and increase diversity on the MCV campus.

Although he is going to school in Richmond, Virginia, he calls Cameroun home.

Fabrice said one of the things that makes him unique is his faith.

“God takes first place in my life,” Fabrice said.

Fabrice said he thinks his best friend would describe him as humble.

When he’s not busy with school, Fabrice enjoys watching TV.

Husna Nasruddin

Husna Nasruddin is a second-year student at Virginia Commonwealth University in the School of Pharmacy and a member of the 2017-2018 SCIE Ambassador cohort.

While Husna and her family have moved all over the United States, she calls Raleigh, North Carolina home.

Husna said she chose to attend VCU because it was a large hospital that championed inter-professional learning and patient care, but she would like to see increased interprofessional interactions for students at campus events and meetings.

“My favorite part [of VCU] so far has been getting the opportunity to meet and interact with so many different kinds of people from various backgrounds. I have been able to expand and challenge my worldview through new friendships and experiences,” Husna said.

Husna wants future Health Sciences students to know that self-care is essential. She recommends scheduling time with friends or alone to relax and enjoy the city. She says those things help with persevering through the tough weeks.

As for her time in the SCIE Ambassador program, Husna is looking forward to developing a capstone project with the other members of the cohort and having a positive impact on the community at large.

“I hope to form new friendships and an increased understanding and respect for the diverse group of ambassadors in this year’s cohort. I look forward to collaborating to work towards a common goal to positively impact the VCU community,” Husna said.

Brittany Howlett

Brittany Howlett began her career as an accountant, but she has since changed her career path to pursue a degree in pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University.

During her third-year in the School of Pharmacy, Brittany decided to join the 2017-2018 SCIE Ambassador cohort because she wanted to leave a lasting impression on the MCV Campus by promoting increased diversity and inclusion.

As a SCIE Ambassador, Brittany is eager to build mentoring relationships with peers and faculty members through the mentoring component added to the program this year.

Brittany came to VCU for its highly ranked School of Pharmacy that was close to her home in North Chesterfield County, Virginia. Since enrolling, however, she’s enjoyed building life-long friendships with people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

“Find a balance early on between school and your personal life; it will keep you sane,” Brittany advises future Health Sciences students.

Her friends would likely tell you that Brittany is opinionated and a leader, but she’s also caring and compassionate.

Although she may have chosen a school close to home, when she has some free time, Brittany loves traveling the world.