Shailja Bhagat

Don’t be afraid to try something you think you may not like. These are the words that Shailja Bhagat, one of this year’s SCIE Ambassador cohort, gives to future Health Sciences students. “Whether it’s a student organization or one of the many free seminars on campus, it’s the best time to explore your options.

Born and raised in California, Shailja is trained in a classical Indian dance form called Kathak and her life’s theme song would be a song from Bollywood called Aas Paas Hai Khuda.

“I find dance to be very spiritual,” Shailja said. “Especially because in Kathak you tell stories about Gods and Goddesses. I consider it to be my way of devotion.”

Shailja is a student in VCU’s School of Pharmacy and believes VCU to be an excellent interprofessional campus.

“I like that it is an interprofessional campus,” Shailja said. “I get more exposure rather than going to a school that was limited to a Pharm D program only.”

Shailja believes that diversity and inclusion is best displayed through the IPEC classes where students from different schools come together.

“But I think there aren’t many opportunities to collaborate with students from other schools,” Shailja said. “So, it would be nice to improve upon that.”

She hopes to become more confident in taking leadership roles and how to bring out the best in people through the SCIE Ambassador Program. Shailja Bhagat is part of the 2018 – 2019 SCIE Ambassador Cohort.