Vivian Vu

Vivian Vu came to VCU because she wanted to see the East Coast and if she could have a theme song it would be “Started From The Bottom” by Drake. Originally from Garden Grove, California, Vivian decided on VCU’s School of Pharmacy because it was one of the best in the nation. Despite the distance, she still manages to keep in touch with her family every night.

Vivian encourages new health sciences students to be open to change and know what worked for you in undergrad may not work here.

“Find a balance between your academic, social, and personal life,” Vivian said.

One thing that Vivan loves about VCU is how much the university values diversity and inclusion.

“When you look around, you’re able to see that through its faculty and student demographics,” Vivian said. However, she would love to see more collaboration across the health sciences schools.

Vivian hopes to improve public speaking skills through the SCIE Ambassador Program and one day be comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Vivian Vu is part of the 2018 – 2019 SCIE Ambassador Cohort.