Recap of class on Thursday, 10/27

Book/author reports

Rebecca Jones: At the Edge of Uncertainty

Nov. 4-5 Writing Workshops

Here are questions we brainstormed to ask grad students who want help articulating their research. With these questions, we’ll be able to elicit the information for a poster about each researcher’s work.

What was the inspiration behind your research? (If the reply is “I was assigned to this”: Why did you become a ——-?)

Why should other people care?

How would your research change your life or the life of a loved one?

What are the real-world applications — immediate and down the road?

When you go home for Thanksgiving, what will you tell your family about your research? What do they not get?

If you could describe your research in five words, what would they be? (Distill your research in five words. If you could hashtag your research … What keywords would you put on your research …)

What one question are you trying to answer in your research?

How would you emphasize accomplishments while acknowledging your limitations?

Where do you get your funding? (Or: What groups do you think might fund this research?)

How would pitch your idea to Congress if you were seeking funding for your research?

(Must be empathetic. They may want to talk about how long their research took … the methodology.)

(Jessica: What does it mean to you?)

John Horgan — getting ready for the Hangout we’ll do with him on Tuesday

John Horgan‘s website

Articles and Essays

Cross Check blog on Scientific American


The End of Science

NYT book review

The End of War

The Undiscovered Mind

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