Agenda for Thursday, Nov. 29

From Rebecca: 9 Tips For Communicating Science To People Who Are Not Scientists

Joe Palca, NPR: Some Assembly Required: New Space Telescope Will Take Shape After Launch

Book reports:

  • Jessica Mayfield (“Starstruck”)
  • Ryan Carstons (“Just Six Numbers”)
  • Chris Rubis (“Untamed”)
  • Nicole Nelson (“Under A Green Sky”)

Story #2: Status reports

Next classes:

Dec. 1 — Google Hangout with Will Harlan, winner of the 2015 Rachel Carson Environment Book Award from the Society of Environmental Journalists

Dec. 6 — Malik Diop-Hall (“Playing God”), Kirby Farineau (“Pale Blue Dot”), Riley Murtagh (“Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain”) and Vanessa Gleiser (“Animal Factory”)

Dec. 8 — Final exam exercise (interview / press conference)

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