Final exam & Jeff Elhai’s presentation

Here is our final exam.

Here is Jeff Elhai’s presentation:

Or click here to download the presentation.

Here is a recording of most of Jeff Elhai’s presentation:

Earlier in the semester, I mentioned that I am a big fan of a free service called I can uploaded the audio file to VoiceBase (either m4a or mp3, or other formats), and VoiceBase produces a transcript. It’s not a particularly good transcript, in part because I was recording Jeff from across the room. Still, the transcript gives me some words from almost every sentence. And when I click on those words, VoiceBase plays me that sentence — so I can hear exactly what Jeff was saying then. Here’s what the VoiceBase transcript looks like:


Now, Jeff did not say “high growth train”; when I play that, it’s clear he said “high-growth strain.” Still, the VoiceBase transcript can be a good way for you to identify the juicy quotes that you may want to use in your story. And then, of course, you’d play that segment of audio to get the exact words.