What Survey Results?

When I found the envelope with my name written on it, I found that the results were actually results that I expected. I’m normally a fun-seeking guy with a lot of energy, so it didn’t surprise me that “Sensation Seeking” got the highest rating, while “Hopelessness” had the lowest rating. I don’t really find myself being all that negative anymore, although I definitely was when I was much younger. I laughed a little bit when I shared the results of my survey with some of my friends because they all said that my “Impulsiveness” rating should have been much higher. What great friends I have, right? But really, though, looking at the survey results, I realized that I actually do have a tendency to do say things without thinking, and that can be pretty hazardous to my relationships or I might actually say something that would insult someone, and I would never have intended to. As I’ve reflected, I’ve realized the need to be more cautious about what I say sometimes so that I don’t unintentionally tear someone down.