New Every Morning

This week we were asked to do two acts of kindness for others in relation to our positive emotions that result from them. As I was reflecting on this during class, I realized that doing acts of kindness shouldn’t JUST go to those who are kind to us, but to those who give us a hard time, as well. For instance, I was discussing a project that I was planning to do with a friend of mine, to someone, and they were confused about what exactly we were doing and kind of a made a more of a big deal about it than it had to be. To be honest, I was actually getting a little bit irritated just because I didn’t think that not understanding it was something to get that upset over, but perhaps that was lack of patience on my part. So afterwards, I went and met with the person one-on-one and apologized because I didn’t mean for any of my comments or reactions to come off as sarcastic or impatient. Thankfully this person forgave me, and we both simply moved on. Another instance where I was kind to someone was earlier this week. I’ve noticed a guy who is always by himself in an organization that I’m a part of and I felt drawn to introduce myself. I hate getting out of my comfort zone, but I know how it feels to feel like an outcast in big groups, so I did introduce myself, and even though our interaction was short, I do hope that it made him a little happier. Looking at the first event, I was thinking about how, in my own life, it’s difficult to forgive others who have hurt you, especially when that pain is deep. I know in my own experience, I would say things like,”Well, why should I forgive them? They don’t deserve it.” But that’s the whole point. It wouldn’t BE forgiveness if they DID deserve it. I don’t believe that forgiveness means that you’re no longer hurt, but I’ve heard someone people ask me,”I’ve forgiven this person, but the pain is still there, so have I truly forgiven them?” My answer was always yes, because it isn’t a matter of feeling, it’s a decision, and I’m fully aware that it’s a difficult decision to make, and that’s okay. That’s the challenge with life sometimes, and I think that we should all have renewed kindness each time we wake up, new kindness every morning.