Promoting and Protecting Mental Health as Flourishing

Before reading this article, I never realized that there is much more to the battle between mental health and mental illness than I thought. It was already pretty obvious to me that people with more of a positive outlook on life are bound to be more successful on the mission to pursuit happiness opposed to someone with more of a pessimistic outlook on life. For example, it was no shock to me that adults that were reported to miss fewest hours of work and still enjoy what they do, were found to be free of any mental health disorders for the past year. Those who have lower rates of mental health most likely have other things they are worried about more often than someone who may be considered as flourishing, which most likely prevents them to do what makes them happy. If you have a clear head with no worries its evident that  you can see your goals in life much more clear, and will find the motivation to do whatever it is that truly makes them happy. With mental illness on the rise more recently across the country, I was glad to read that mental health is finally becoming more of an important topic of study because obviously something isn’t right if researchers identify more/other problems on mental health throughout research on other topics of study. Not everybody has the same problems, and everybody deals with stuff differently, but I was pleased to see that life expectancy is now rising due to healthier habits such as eating good food and exercising, that ultimately lead to a much more solid foundation to live a healthy life, mentally and physically. I would like to see them find more specific ways to diagnose patients, as diagnostic testing through symptoms seems a bit unreliable at times.