Annual Research Review: On the Developmental Neuropsychology of Substance Use Disorders

This article mainly goes into detail on the topic of substance use disorders and all its affects that come along with it on adolescents that suffer from it. Before reading this article, I immediately thought about the friends and family I know (of all ages) that have had it at one point or another in the past. As someone who’s problem it really wasn’t, I knew this topic was a serious problem because it even hurt me just watching my peers deal with it. All those people have their own causes for being involved in this rising issue, however, the main thing I always noticed about those specific people are that ultimately it altered their personality due to its heavy impact on their brain chemistry. It was always obvious to me that the younger you are when dealing with a substance use disorder, the more it will influence your well-being (usually for the worse). When I saw figure 1, I felt very familiar with it. When I saw figure 2, I was shocked to see all the other reasons, and when I saw figure 3 I had no idea it got that in depth. I really hope in the future this issue fades away, and I highly recommend seeking help as soon as possible if you suffer from any substance use disorder.