Social Interactions and Well-Being

Social psychology primarily focuses on interactions with close people to your life such as close friends and family. In this study, however, its different; the research instead questioned if personal well-being is related to interactions with weaker ties (such as acquaintances) as much as the interactions with stronger, more casual ties. During the study there were 2 tests taken to see how the students experience the quality of their lives. In the first study, students appeared to experience greater happiness and even more feelings of belonging on the days in which they interacted with more classmates than usual. In the second study, it was found that weak ties are indeed related to personal well-being. Overall, the results highlighted the true power of weak ties, claiming that even interactions with the outliers in your life contribute to one’s wellbeing. I was very intrigued with this article because I truly never thought that interactions with anyone that wasn’t very important to you even impacted your own happiness very much. I was also pleased to read that there is still room for future research, as casualty remains to be unexamined. I would highly recommend others to read this article.