SOH Final Blog

Coming into this class, I honestly just needed a class to fill my schedule with graduation looming in my last semester here. I had somewhat of a blasé attitude in the beginning until I started realizing how much this class was so helpful in my life and my life choices. Learning Mindfulness has truly been one of the best things to happen to me. More often than none, it’s so easy to get caught up in life’s stresses, anxiety, and other factors that negatively impact your physical and emotional well-being. Learning Mindfulness has taught me to seek out the positive and how to limit the negatives in my life. Not only learning about Mindfulness, but also the close relationships readings.  The Collins and Simpson article on close relationships was probably my favorite reading (that and the article on sleep implications and behaviors). The close relationship article spoke more or less about romantic relationships, however, I tie it in with relationships in general. I am a hard person to give my trust to and I don’t forgive easily. I have my very “small circle” of people I hang with and though I’m generally a friendly person, I don’t like going outside of my circle because I trust that the people I hang around. This article had a lot of theory that helps to explain why I am like this and made me think long and hard about changing this attitude. A lot of this is generated from me not being a forgiving person. When people tend to do me wrong, I tend not to go back to being friends with that person or even being cordial with that person. Dr. Worthingham’s Forgiveness lecture was very good for me. To hear all of the things that he went through (his mother’s death, his brother’s suicide) and how he forgave the killer and himself (for what happened to his brother), I see that I should be way more forgiving and not isolate myself just because I feel like someone has wronged me. I don’t have to be buddy buddy with that person, but at the same time I don’t need to go through life holding grudges. Going through life being bitter and having animosity towards people is very toxic and contributes to negative thinking and believe it or not, it has a huge impact on your emotional and physical well-being.

I commit to myself that 1.) I will be more forgiving, 2.) I will practice Mindfulness, 3.) I will continue to do activities to keep my stress and anxiety levels down, 4.) I will be more conscious of what I put into my body and my sleeping patterns. 2-4 I have made significant strides so far. #4 has been the hardest of all. I feel like I never get adequate amounts of sleep and I feel like I’m always eating junk food and not enough healthy choices. I try to at least get 8 hours of sleep but consistency is hard with the amount of work I have sometimes. I like to listen to music and playing pick up basketball games so that’s my form of keeping my stress relief and I do that at least 4 times a week. The forgiving aspect is a work in progress but I want to be the best person that I can be so I am striving to achieve my goal in becoming forgiving.

Next semester I will be starting the Education and Counseling Graduate Program here at VCU. What I learned in this class has definitely showed me what I need to work on to grow as a person and as an educator. I definitely plan to preach Mindfulness, positive psychology, forgiveness, and positive thinking  to my current and future students. During summer school this past year, I was big on meditation. I’d give the students 10-15 minutes to wind down, listen  to peaceful music and get their minds right for the day. I don’t really do social media but if I happen to be on there, I’d just promote positivity.   You never know when you can like someone’s post or say something and it can brighten up their day.

I choose this image because this is what I want to live by at all times. Peace, Love, and Happiness. I think this sums up what everyone should strive for. In this cruel world in which we live in, the more peace, love and happiness you have just makes for a better world.                                  

Patric Anderson Blog #2

For weeks 5-10 (Wow it has really been 10 weeks) all of the lectures have been extremely helpful for me. The lectures that have helped me the most were positive identity, relationships (particularly the Salvatore, Collins and Simpson reading ), and the eating, sleeping, and moving. The eating, sleeping,  and moving activity was probably one of the most helpful “projects” I’ve had in college. I can’t forget about the yoga lectures and activities. What always sticks in the back of my mind  is to take at least 30 minutes out of your day to be mindful or exercise.  Whether you exercise, meditate, listen to peaceful music or whatever helps you become more mindful, DO IT!

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the eating, sleeping, and moving project really helped me. I was assigned sleeping and I can truly say that it made me very conscious of my sleeping patterns. I learned that I lacked consistency in my sleep schedule. I gained over 10 pounds (unhealthy weight) in the past 8 months because of my sleeping patterns and my critical thinking skills had decreased drastically. I had no idea that sleep could effect so much. Now I’m trying to be more consistent, I’m trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep. I’m trying to eat a healthy and balanced diet, and most importantly, I’m trying to be as positive and mindful as possible.


Patric Anderson Blog #1

Over the first 4 weeks in class I have learned a variety of way to obtain “happiness”. One of the techniques that has helped me is mindfulness.  Mindfulness is being conscious or aware of the situation that you are in. Whether if you are upset and need to control your temper or happy and need to appreciate your life, mindfulness is a key to life. Other techniques can include meditation or yoga, music, art, working out, being around love ones and friends or even getting a new puppy. Whatever/whoever makes you happy (as long as its healthy) is what you should you do or be around. So how do I know if I’m really happy? The Keye’s Model of Mental Health  is a GREAT determinator. If find that you’re not fairing well in the mental health aspect of life, then it may be time for a new and more healthy lifestyle.

Genetics play a huge role in your happiness and your mental health. Anxiety, hypertension, depression, bipolar one, or bipolar two disorder and others are passed down from generations. Our surrounding environment can also affect happiness. Our family, our neighborhood, and our peers can affect us  negatively or positively and can affect our happiness.

This is where POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY comes in! Positive psychology is where your turn those negative thoughts, actions and ideas, into positive ones. It is best to put a plan forward in order to increase positive psychology. It takes practice to have an automatic positive thinker. I am now thinking before I act and finding time to add more positive things in my life to make me happy.