Blog Post #3

  1. There are many major lessons I learned from the content this semester. The first lesson I learned content from was about genetic influences on behavior and how genetic influences can change throughout your life. The Weekly Reading by Danielle Dick from Week 2 was very interesting because it informed me about twin studies and how genetics and environmental influences are important in adolescence. Another lesson I learned about was active listening. The active listening exercise that we did in class really has helped me want to listen more and want to let people know that I’m engaged in what they’re saying. Self-forgiveness was another lesson that I learned from because I sometimes rarely think to forgive myself, I just shut down and didn’t think to uplift myself with forgiving. I enjoyed the speaker who came to talk about forgiveness because his story made me feel like I could forgive anybody. In the article for the Weekly Reading related to forgiveness, the authors stated that, “Participants receiving explicit forgiveness treatments reported significantly greater forgiveness than participants not receiving treatment” (p. 1). Therefore, when the time comes, I’m going to actually give myself time to look over a situation and find the time to forgive. The topic that was most meaningful to me would have to be Positive Identity because overall I’m extremely hard on myself and can be very negative sometimes. The powerpoint slides on Positive Identity have pushed me to be more positive towards myself as well as share that positivity with others. For example, in the slides, there was an exercise where we had to show a type of emotion to someone, and they had to guess what that emotion was, that helped me understand how others may feel when positivity is shared. I also learned that it is good to pay attention to others emotions and respect how they’re feeling and that goes hand in hand with regulating emotions.
  2. I will apply these insights by thinking about everything I’ve learned throughout this class and being discipline enough to do it. For example, if I get in a argument/discussion, I will actually listen to what the other person is saying instead of just waiting for my turn to say something back. Also, when it comes to a professional setting, if I’m having troubles at my job, I won’t be hard on myself I will remember to be positive and have a positive identity to push through. Some changes that I’ve already made is actually opening up to others and being myself. A lot of times I worry if someone is judging me and lately I’ve been happy/positive and only focusing on things that make me happy. I’ve made that change because it is not a good feeling to be upset or stressed over little things. You control what you can control and that’s what I’ve began to do. One thing I think I still need to work on is understanding when a relationship or a person isn’t for me. Sometimes I tend to wonder why certain things happen or why something is happening to me, instead of taking a deep breath, thinking about the situation at hand, and not letting it affect me. This is where I think yoga/meditation should come in, but I have not been meditating as much as I want to. Meditation really calmed my mood when we did it in class and when we did the Calm exercise for a week. This summer I plan to be more discipline and try to meditate 3 times out of the week.
  3. I actually have already started sharing the information I’ve learned with family members. My mother is a referee and I’ve gave her some tips on yoga and meditating and how she could do that before a game to relax and get prepared for fans who may give her a hard time. Also, in my past relationship, I shared ideas from the “Romantic Relationships” slide to better our relationship as well as better ourselves as an individual. I learned to actually understand my partner more as a person and learned how they grew up in a family setting. That information is so important to me because it’s so true and I understand why I am the way I am in relationships because of how I was treated growing up. My parents spoiled me a lot so now I understand why I get frustrated if my significant other doesn’t give me my way! However, I’ve improved on that aspect but it’s good to know why you do the things you do. I definitely plan to share this by also tweeting what I’ve learned because social media is what our generation is about. I actually enjoyed the social media tweets as well, I think people who follow me benefited from some of the topics I tweeted about.

Blog Post #2

During weeks 5-10, it has been extremely interesting to learn about romantic relationships, positive identity, positive relationships, yoga,   and eating, sleeping, and moving. I believe that romantic relationships and positive relationships relate to each other because positivity plays a role in how well your relationship will be. When it comes to positive relationships, I think social awareness is extremely important because communication, your energy, and how well you listen can either create a positive relationship or a negative relationship. I enjoyed the skillful listening activity where each person told a story and the other two people had to actively listen. I also think positive identity and positive relationship connect because when you work on yourself as a person, and show that identity to others, it can carry over into a relationship. The yoga and the eat, move, and sleep exercises somewhat connect to me because yoga is like a form of exercise. The way you eat, sleep and move can all affect how you exercise and how you get through your day. I feel like some people need yoga to start their day of, just like everyone needs sleep and food to be energized.

As for the entire 10 weeks of class, I’ve gained so much knowledge about yoga, how to actively listen, being discipline enough to keep track of all of my meals, how to communicate in a way that others will understand as well as thinking about others feelings based on how I communicate. I enjoyed doing the 7 days of meditation because it made me feel like a different person once it was finished. That was the first time I did yoga/meditation consistently and it really changed my mood and took me away from everything that was stressing me out.

I plan to have a positive identity a little bit more because I tend to let little things irritate me and affect my mood. I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone by interacting with others while expressing my emotions to them as well as understanding others as they listen and respond. I think expressing your emotions and how you express yourself through conversation in a positive way can help you grow as a person. Lately, I haven’t been staying in my shell, I’ve actually been being myself and expressing who I am in a positive way. I think meditation has inspired me to remember to let go of the negative things that may be happening and think about more positive things. Also, the personality traits slide  inspired me to learn myself more and understand who I really am. It was interesting to answer those questions and learn what kind of person I am through the characteristics shown and  based on the answers I chose.

Blog Post #1

I feel like Keyes model of complete mental health/flourishing relates to depression, anxiety, and mood states because they both focus on how we feel and what we can do to change those feelings. Creating happiness is positive psychology, satisfaction with life, and even your mental health. You need positive psychology to push through the anxiety or mood states; you have to find that thing that makes you feel good about your life, as the model states. I feel like genetic influences can somewhat relate to anxiety, depression, and mood states because genetically, you can have people in your family who suffer from depression, which can more likely put you in a position to experience depression. Also, even though something may come from genetics, the environment that you are in, plays a major role on who you are and how you may respond to situations. The information that was new and surprising to me was positive psychology and the acronym “PERMA”. I thought it was very interesting how each letter had a word that could actually play a role in someones life because you need positive emotion, engagement with activities, relationships with great people, meaning or something that has purpose to you, and accomplishments. One activity that was meaningful to me was writing down when something good happened, and why it happened. This was meaningful because I’m normally extremely hard on myself and I struggle to think positive, but this exercise made me want to find more positive things that happen throughout my day. I look forward to challenging myself to continue to practice the exercises in this class as the semester goes on.

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