Week 14

This weeks article focused on a positive education, and how a positive space is necessary for learning.  I related to this article a lot.  It is important for me to have a positive learning environment, to do my very best.  Negative space not only decreases the amount of learning taken place, but also my work ethic.  I think VCU does a great job at promoting a positive education in and outside the classroom.  Study spaces in the academic buildings as well as the library promote a safe place for learning.  Additionally, the activities on campus bring others together, and ultimately learning takes place through the sharing of ideas.  The article then went on to discuss a positive work environment.  We’ve talked about this, this semester.  Positive work space promotes a more  positive attitude towards ones work, and work ethic.  Positivity is essential in  life.  Throughout the entire semester I’ve learned positive thoughts, space, and an environment are key for survival.

Does anyone else agree about VCU promoting a positive environment for learning?

Social Interactions

This weeks article was extremely intriguing.  It was funny because my friends and I were just having a conversation about this exact thing.  When we have conversations with strangers it makes your day.  I think it’s because you don’t expect it.  You don’t expect strangers to smile at you, talk to you, and actually be interested in your life.  I definitely see my mood changing with these interactions; make me very happy.  My question for the class is have you had any social interactions with people in our class.


I was immediately intrigued by this weeks article.  Reflecting on last weeks assignments, it was definitely a correlation with the idea of forgiveness.  On the character strength survey out of the 24 strengths, my number 22 was forgiveness.  At times I tell myself I’ve forgiven myself but ultimately, that’s not truly the case.  I distance myself from them, and at times want to do to them what they have done to me. Being able to fully forgive someone is hard yet essential.  This article definitely taught me how essential it is, and how holding on to things ultimately cause depression.  One can be a true  peace by fully letting things go.  I want to get to a point where I can forgive someone and move on without having hostility towards that person.  At times I see myself still reflecting on things from my past that I swore I was over, but get mad upon thinking about them.

How do you truly forgive?

Character Strengths

Upon reading the title, I was extremely eager to read the article.  I am extremely interested in personalities, and certain individualistic character strengths that make us who we are.  It was nice reading about the strengths, then relating them back to myself.  The article said that college students most endorse the strength of humanity, and that was true to me.  I think that particular strength is extremely essential to college; its what is needed to survive throughout college.

What was funny, yet sad, was that college students least endorse the love of learning strength.  When I was younger, I loved learning new ideas and concepts, college changed that.  I am at the point now where I just want to pass classes; not necessarily in love with learning.  Can anyone else relate?


This weeks article centered upon relationships.  Ones early experience as a child, can be a predictor for later romantic relationships.  Parents ultimately set the example for what one expects in a relationship.  Parents that are not as involved as they should be, and showering their kids with an immense amount of love, ultimately hurt their child in the long run.  They either seek out that love in other people, or become so numb to their emotions that they can never find a romantic partner because they are so shielded.

Luckily for me, I had both parents in the house as I was growing up, and they always showered myself and my brothers with love.  They were open with us, and always there when we wanted to cry, vent, laugh, or just have casual conversations.  It was my dads love for my mom that really shaped my love life.  Him being a provider for the family, while also making my mom feel like a queen and treating her with the upmost respect that laid the foundation for my relationships.  By seeing him with her, I learned what I would, and would not take in a relationship.  I refused to allow a man to disrespect me or treat me as though I was below him.  With that said, I have been dating the same guy since I was 11 years old and I am now 23.  Everyone always ask me how we have been together for so long.  He just knew what I would and would not stand for based on my family, and growing up, and with that understanding we’ve done well.

Does anyone else feel that having both parents at home or not is a predictor for future relationships?


The idea of mindfulness is something I am very familiar with.  I love it, and I wish the concept was used more often to treat illnesses versus medications.  It’s something that really takes patience, and ultimately becoming one with yourself in essence.  Once one fully achieves mindfulness, in my eyes they are unstoppable; they’ve truly achieved a point to which they understand themselves, instead of trying to comply with society’s norms.
The article discussed mindfulness in the work place.  It’s definitely something needed for a positive work environment.  Ones place of work can be extremely stressful, and constantly being at one with your thoughts is beneficial.  It has proved to improve stability, control, and efficiency in the work place, which are all necessities.  Negative thoughts and emotions are what ruin a work place environment so achieving mindfulness, helps to rid of that.
Has anyone tried mindfulness meditation? Does it actually help?
I would love to hear experiences!

Week 6 Reading

This article discussed ways for college students to reach their maximum potential through something as simple as their health. Sleeping, eating, and nutrition were the most important aspects of the article.  Those who received adequate sleep and woke up earlier had higher GPAs than those who did not.  Additionally, a nutritious  breakfast proved to be beneficial.

Just recently I decided that I need to start eating better.  You are what you eat, and that proves to true.  When I eat badly, my body feels sluggish, I lack energy, I am more stressed, and my moods are all over the place.  Additionally, when I get more sleep versus when I don’t the difference is tremendous. I am totally different person.  When I am well rested, I wake up earlier, and I am more productive.  It’s just so difficult to eat healthy and sleep while being in college.  I feel as though some professors do not take into consideration this when assigning certain assignments, or giving cumulative exams.

This month I vowed to myself that I would focus on me, and my well being.  I want to eat better, and just overall become a more positive being, and not allow things to defeat me.  I believe eating better is truly a start, and that will overall help my progression.


Positive Psych

This weeks reading went on to discuss positive psychology in more depth.  Positive psych is the base for happiness in essence.  Society always discusses the negative aspects, rather how to be happy with ones life.  This article posed a theory that broadened the spectrum on positive psychology.  The broaden and build theory suggested that positive emotions are needed for humans to function.

I truly agreed with the article, positive emotions, and positive emotions are key to living a healthy, long, life.  Thinks such as joy, and love are essential to my life.  Without an immense amount of love from my family I would not have made it this far in life.  So many people who lack love (self love and love from others) are not happy in life, so its vital to ones existing I feel.  Joy as well.  Positive emotions are like my sunshine after the rain.  When things are bad, my emotions and positive thinking give me a reason to smile.


Depression is such a serious issue.  So many people don’t pay attention to the smallest everyday changes from the people around them, thus it goes unnoticed.  I really liked the quote from Oliver James on the cause of depression.  He said “the problem lies in the combination of “affluenza” — the infectious materialist desires beyond the reasonable quest for the necessary and useful — and the rapidly growing inequality which blocks most people from achieving the kind of affluence they have been taught to aspire to.”  He literally put the nail on the head with that one.  A lot of depression comes from wanting to live up to the “norms” society has set.

I had a friend that was depressed when I was in high school, so I take depression so seriously.  Reading the article made me a bit emotional.  I just thought about high school and how bad it was for her.  We did not know she was depressed.  It’s crazy because so many little things had changed about her, but we as her friends did not realize.  We found out she was depressed when she tried to overdose on pills and her mom found her passed out in the bathroom.  After that, she sought help, and now she’s in a much better place.  Depression is so serious, and this article gave me even more information on the topic.

Do you know anyone that has been depressed?

Positive Psych

This weeks article focused on the idea of “Positive Psychology”.  This idea was certainly new and different for me;it was a term I had never heard of.  Normally when I do readings centered upon psychology, they are diagnosing people based on their development; helping to determine what stage one should be at based on a theorist, what he/she should be thinking, feeling, etc.  Not once have a read something about ones happiness.

Positive psychology is a great idea.  It would provide a framework for how to live a happy life, have a happy family, have a positive work space, etc.  While it seems like something people should know how to do, a lot of people don’t know how to do those things; all around happiness seems unrealistic in today’s society.  I am interested to read more upon this idea of positive psychology an share it with others.

What are others take on positive psych?  Had you heard of it before?

Genetic Influences on adolescent Behavior

Prior to reading the article, I had an idea about what I would be reading based on the title; I was immediately engaged and interested.  It is very evident that genetics play a big part in one’s development, but the idea of their role on adolescent behavior goes a little deeper.  The article continuously discussed genetics versus environmental factors in regards to adolescent behavior,  and ultimately came to the conclusion that both influence the behavior.

While reading, I sided with the environmental factors playing the largest role in adolescent behaviors.  I definitely agree with genetics having part, but the environment in which one is constantly around has a huge impact upon them; I am living proof of this.  My parents do not drink; they never have and never will.  On both sides, none are drinkers, but both my brother and I are drinkers. We grew up in a household where we never even saw liquor, but as soon as we went off to college we started drinking.  Everyone around us was drinking, and we decided to try it, and then continued to do it.  It became a norm for our college outings.  It never became an everyday thing, just whenever we went out with our friends to parties, happy hour, etc. (environment).

One’s environment paints a picture of things that will experience, and new found behaviors they will take part in.  Though genetically it was thought that I’d never really drink, and I thought that as well, but as soon as I got in that environment, my behaviors adapted to what was around me.

I wonder does anyone have similar experiences?  I’m sure others have been affected by their environment, and have done differently than they were geneitcally predisposed to do.