Final Blog Post

Science of Happiness was a class that was defiantly unexpected. I did not realize the amount of knowledge I would learn would somehow benefit to my mind in ways to help me deal with relationships, family, stress and much more. Each lecture taught in class all somehow connected to mindfulness, which is being aware of the present. It helped teach us how to just take time to breathe and think about the positive in each situation. Whether it was about learning that forgiving someone can help with positive psychology or that working in an environment you love can keep you happy and keep your mind flourishing. Practicing mindfulness in class taught us that by being overwhelmed over a situation will not benefit us but keep us in another state and away from the actual. This can defiantly be applied to students as right now, everyone is preparing for finals and can begin feeling overwhelmed. By practicing mindfulness and taking a couple minutes of your day to do something to bring your mind to the present can change your whole mood completely. This class showed us that not only is practicing mindfulness for our selves can keeps us positive but that by doing kind things for others can keep us positive as well. One thing I defiantly will take away from this class is practicing random acts of kindness. To do something kind for somebody and not expecting anything back and seeing their reaction has to be one of the most fulfilling things one receives. It can be by encouraging someone who looks sad or even by posting something cheerful on my own social media that will hopefully make someone smile. I hope that after this class I will continue in practicing mindfulness when I feel overwhelmed and to always make sure that others might be in the same position as me and it would be beneficial to just reach out to them and let them know it’s not the end of the world. I strongly believe this will keep my mind stable and not just jumbled up. I’ll also make sure to let them know some of the things that this class has taught me and let them know that it actually is useful, you just have to give it a chance.

The image I chose that best summarizes everything I have learned is a smiley face because everything we have come across has provided us with insight on how to be in the present and then being able to change our mood to a more positive one.

Blog Post #2

Over the past few weeks we have hit on topics regarding on how to deal with depression, anxiety disorders, romantic relationships, social and emotional learning, and impulsivity. We discussed different ways to approach  how each topic can be applied into our life by preparing for it or by applying it to our present situations. Each topic have common ties that can be tied down to positive psychology. Positive psychology can be considered as character strength and virtue. As humans encounter issues internally such as depression, we learned different ways in how to overcome it. We focused on how to better ourselves or learn how to handle situations that are negative to not let those factors get to us. Some approaches were practicing mindfulness, which is taking time aside to breathe and meditate in the present. We learned different factors that can help us as well such as going outside for a walk, going to the gym, or by taking time to hangout with friends. In our weekly exercises we took surveys to help understand our emotions to hopefully figure out a way to change something that may be bothering us mentally. These topics covered in class are related to the past ones in how it shows that these issues we have can be overcome, we can instill these exercises into our daily lives to strive for positive development and fulfillment for a good life.

One thing I have learned from the past couple of weeks to practice during my daily life to take away from stress is by practicing mindfulness. I practice mindfulness by doing yoga or taking a couple of minutes to just relax and try and not think about anything that is currently stressing me out. In college it is sometimes easy to forget that we need time for ourselves so being reminded of positive psychology, I learn that I need it for a mindful and flourishing life to help me be happy and do good in school.

The picture I chose is my own picture I took, one way I like to get away from anxiety or stress is by going out for a walk with music playing. It’s peaceful and some exercise you get to do as well which I believe is a good combination.

Blog Post 1

Relation of topics in class.                                                                                                    In Keyes’ Model of Complete Mental Health, Keyes measured and saw that mental health is not dualistic and a continuum. It’s dualistic in the way that just because a mental illness may be present in someone, it does not mean their mental health will be healthy. You could be either or or. If someone were to be languishing, they could be completely healthy yet have lack of interest in some of the things in their everyday life. This can be tied to genetic influences on human behavior since sometimes, these factors of mental health, like depression, or illness can be genetic! Even though it is partially shared between your genetics it can still play a major factor in your life. In the case of having depression or anxiety in one’s health, people begin to try and look for different ways in which they can help improve their mental state to a more positive one; to alleviate problems from negative emotions. Some ways people choose to do this is by surrounding themselves with quality friendships, to be highly involved in school or activities and even the involvement of good relationships. What this does is introduce science of happiness to those who want help and those who try and give it. What science of happiness does is bring awareness to depression, anxiety, nervousness and to be able to understand it. It’s not a problem that is overlooked, it’s a progressive one to help one’s well being from a negative one to a more positive one. Another way people can help their well being is by taking time to just look at their own strengths and weaknesses, to see any specific area they may want to improve on. After all, knowing your strengths can help bring fulfillment into your own life, it’s valuable.

What surprised me and helped me!                                                                                   A factor that had surprised me in the past couple classes is that when I took the strengths and virtues survey, my results were not what I had expected. My love learning was at the bottom of it and that kind of scared me. No matter how hard school can get, my love for learning is still there. I mean, after all, that is why I am here at college! It just opened my eyes to see that I need to take some breaks every now and then to just refocus myself on the bigger prize which is to hopefully graduate in the next couple years for the career I want. Some of the activities that have helped me get ride of some stress and help me remember that I like school are just either taking a step back from work for an hour to go to the gym or to watch an episode of a show and honestly, it really does make a difference.


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