Blog Post #2

Blog Post #2

Image Source: ( Jospeh Keller)

The two topics during the weeks 7-10 that related to each other were anxiety and depression. These two topics linked together because they stem from the same biological vulnerability. In the slides that were shown we were informed that depression could make anxiety worse. I also saw some connections from the Big 5 in the personality traits slide show and the things that cause depression. The Big 5 is Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness. In Extraversion there is attention seeking and this can cause depression if you are feeling lonely with nobody to talk to. I did not see anything that differed for these weeks only because I was focused on how it linked that way I could understand these topics better. The bigger picture is that positive psychology is the study of a wide variety of components that contribute to our overall satisfaction with our lives. This means positive psychology is aiming to make our mood states better and lessen our chances of depression anxiety disorder. I noticed that twin studies were used a lot through this semester. We looked at how a twin study shows us what causes behavior and we also looked at how twin studies show heritability for panic disorders. Also, we talked about certain techniques that help with forgiveness. Those techniques that we discussed included writing it down and throwing it away or keeping a journal. These techniques reoccurred when we looked at how to challenge negative thoughts. The larger lessons I’ve learned are how important it is to take care of you and never be afraid to ask for help or assistance because everything we do contributes to our overall happiness. I have received insight on what could possibly be an alternative to anger and how I can channel my anger. I do plan on letting how I feel out more often and not hold things in. My mind, body and soul overlap. The picture I chose symbolizes the balance that I need to have in my life. I need to develop good coping strategies for my emotions, communicate with family and friends more often and also get a healthy amount of sleep in order to take care of my mind, body and soul.


#1- First 6 weeks

In the first 6 weeks of class in SOH, we covered various topics that were very new to me. WE talked about positive psychology and how genetics plays a role in our behavior. We also touched on Keyes model and our mood states. The two topics that I thought related to each other were Keyes Model of complete mental health/flourishing and genetics. The model talks about how your mental health correlates to how well you flourish.  The Keyes Model also relates to depression, anxiety and mood states.  Some symptoms of mental illness according to Keyes, is major depression. This also goes along with your mood and high anxiety rates. I thought that positive psychology differed greatly with genetics. Positive psychology is more on the nurture side where as genetics is more on the nature side.  Positive Psychology says that we have to acquire virtue and in order to do that we have to practice until it becomes a habit of the heart. Through these 6 weeks of class so far, I was able to learn more about forgiveness and that its way more than just saying I forgive you.  Forgiveness is a hard virtue but you feel better at the end. This was the most important thing I learned. I was able to apply to my life because it taught to not seek revenge because that means I have not truly forgave them and this made me think about relationships in my life right now and what I can do to truly reach forgiveness.