Mindfulness in the Workplace

This article was a great reinforcer to a lot of things we discussed in class. The art of being mindful is very important in all aspects of life especially in the workplace. In addition a large benefit can be seen in workplace. For example big corporations use mindfulness to increase the work environment and make in more productive. The act of being mindful makes a person be in the here and now which helps lesson stress from other outside sources which in turn makes a person more focused on whatever task they have at hand. In addition to the professional since mindfulness also helps with your emotions. Specifically they help controlling as well as helping you rebound after a negative emotional encounter.

After reading this article a question popped into my head. The question being “if mindfulness is so importance how come the first time I heard about it is in college.” I mean we have talked about it a lot in class and It just made be curious as to why it isn’t taught everywhere before college. I feel that if mindfulness was taught earlier we would have more productive stable people in society.