Staying Positive

My mom always taught me that even in dull moments, stay positive and the universe will respond positively. This article just verified that my mom is always right lol. Dealing with my illnesses requires a lot of positive energy. It’s continuous work but I’ve learned, I can’t absorb all that energy, I need to give it back. We all should give back positive feelings, thoughts, acts, etc.


I believe that article was complete crap.  I suffer from stage 2 bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder and I can say for a fact that the economy and materialistic  things did not cause me to spiral down. I believe the article just talks about one aspect of causes of depression, it briefly states what your environment and/or life event can do to your mental health (which mostly caused my mental health to deteriorate). In my opinion, the article is defining stress as depression, but a lot of people can be stressed without suffering from depression. Any other thoughts or opinions on the subject matter?

Positive Psychology

After reading the article, I can to realize that positive psychology was already formatted years prior. It currently was remodeled from a rough draft into and actual evidence based essay. Positive psychology to me a the things most people take for granted as mentioned in the article. Most people don’t realize that their ability to trust an individual can cause for them to be happy. The article also goes to history and where positive psychology is found to actually bring about social changes such as democracy in Florece or Victorian England. In these instances, they people of the time focused more on the beauty of the individual and character, rather than focus their mind on negative energy such as lack of war. If there is one thing that I got from this article is that we should appreciate what is given to us and be thankful, instead of looking at the vast majority of things we want but don’t have in our lives.

Depression in a New Light

Before reading this, I thought mental health was just a nicer way of saying you’re crazy. It was embarrassing to tell people I had such a disorder because it would classify me as an outcast. After the reading, I was made to realize that mental health constituted your whole wellbeing. It included how you handle stressors, how you control your emotions and how you socialize with others. I came to an understanding that lack of mental stability causes one to be depend on substances (drugs, alcohol, etc.) and causes them to be depressed and/or suffer from anxiety. It also causes bodily malfunctions (high blood pressure, back problems, etc). I have dealt and still deal with bipolar disorder and bipolar depression and I have realized that when I undergo my depressive stages, my body starts to ‘sicken’. I get sick easily (common cold, bad cramps). How do you guys feel about the statistical graphs the author added to the reading? Did that aid in your change of view in the subject matter?