Blog #2

  1. The reason I read about how Mindfulness and Close Relationship could be difficult in your life is because I see bad relationship on television shows. Some people might criticize each other and I learned about relationship because being abusive, having a bad habits and being racist mix up relationships. The researchers learned the patients jeopardize the things that they love or claim to love. Mindfulness is something that could help you to deal with that or get help from your family and friends. Many students spend their lives trying to figure out how relationships work. In class, I learned some skills. I learned how to be confident, listening to what they say and giving spaces.

2. In Week 10, Dr. Jasmin Vassileva explain when people feel stress everyday it is difficult to control yourself. I learned the few things and  we did take a deep breath, meditating and believe yourself. Have faith in you.

I learned that when people get stressed every day, they may do drugs and drink alcohol. They still need to go to work and school everyday, and if they use alcohol and drugs they may forget to do these things. There are many different personality traits you can possess and they may not all fit into one category. You have to complete your goals,  but drugs and alcohol may make you lose yourself and feel as if you have nothing else to do.  Drug and alcohol use are  a result of risk factors.  I hope people will remember who you are and not to put yourself a risk, like, lose your relationship, your job and your family health. If you quit taking drugs and drink alcohol, you starting a new chapter. Your personality type can be determined by many factors. Being positive and upbeat can influence everyone around you and negativity.

3. No, I have not made changes in my life. I like to do something new in the future. I could do meditating and exercise. I would be fit with a small group of people. Thinking about a fun experience, like, going to beach, movie theater and traveling to state, listening to music and draw more pictures.



F is for Barbara Fredrickson: Her Work On Positivity

Positive emotions, better health, more relationships – New study