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This year and this semester, time has gone buy so fast, and within that time I have learned so much information, that I can use in my future. There are several types of meditation, that we used in class, and some I never thought I would use, but I do, I found it to be very relaxing when I’m stressed or in a demanding situation. One of my favorite one is the 10-second-deep breathing, that really helps me focus and clam down. In this class, I have learned so much about myself, along with the mediation skills that we did in class and I participated in, has left with an overwhelming feeling of happiness with my spiritual, mental and physical health, in this thing we call “everyday life”. The best week in this class was week 7 when we discussed   managing stressed and adding more mindfulness to my life. Therefore, in conclusion, life is too short and the best way to live is to manage our lives by finding the best way possible, and this class has helped me do this.

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