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After taking this class this semester I believe that I learned so much that I didn’t really know before taking this class. I now understand the factors related to behavioral and emotional health, to include genetic andenvironmental risk factors on both mental health challenges and positive outcomes
Have a deeper understanding of their own strengths
and risk factors
Have an understanding of the field of positive psychology and the research behind factors that promote
Learn evidence based practices that they can employ in their own lives to address challenges they may
experience and promote
their own well
Have a better awareness of the diverse faculty researchers who work in the area of behavioral and
emotional health across the university and ways they can get further involved
Have an increased understanding of services across the uni
versity that are available to support student
mental and behavioral health

Happy body, Happy personality, More Life

The past five weeks in this class of happiness have been very intriguing to me say the least and the impact it has had on me outside of class has definitely been noticeable. To start, in class we learned about how what you eat and put in your body has a profound impact on your livelihood and more importantly your daily personality. We learned about positive and negative personality traits and how those traits could be beneficial or hinder human development. We also learned about how exercise and in particular, yoga, can be an asset to the mind and body and can even make your personality more positive.

In regards to the larger lessons that I’ve learned since being in the class, I can say that we are definitely living in an era where people are beginning to grow tired of the traditional methods of psychology and how it relates to the pursuit of happiness and are now developing this new age psychology that is focusing on the better well-being of a person. More and more you see exercises such as yoga, deep breathing, and eating healthy as ways to reduce anxiety, negative emotions, and cravings. No longer are you seeing the simplistic psychology techniques which focus solely on the cognitive and behavioral aspects in order for one to achieve happiness. Techniques and advice such as reflective listening and keeping mind of what goes into your body are being used more in order to keep a stable mind and happiness. A person who implements positive psychology, exercise, mindfulness, and a good diet is a person who is likely to be a happy person.

As of what changes I’ve made in part because of what I learned in class, I’ve been trying to make sure that I eat breakfast more and eat less junk food. Usually I would feel groggy and tired by the middle of the day in that’s particularly due to the fact that I don’t eat breakfast as much as I used to. In order to make that change I wake up earlier than I usually do to make sure I get some food in my body when I wake up. I’ve also cut back on the amount of junk food that I eat because it only makes me feel bloated or it makes me crash. I’ve also been doing a better job of being mindful of how my body feels and handling my thoughts. My schedule is very busy and I always have a lot going on in my head during the day so being able to become more aware of blocking negative thoughts really helps me on a daily basis.


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Pathway to Happiness

Everyone deserves happiness. About four years ago I fell into a deep depression after dealing with a series of unfortunate events  that happened in my life.  At the time I felt as though I knew what was going on with me yet I was still in denial about it given my  happy-go-lucky personality; I was having a battle with my inner self and it only battered my soul. As a 19 year old not having prior knowledge or knowing anyone suffering with depression I felt alone, withdrawn, and my confidence was low. As a result my behavior began to become self destructive and I knew I needed help. luckily with time patience, resources and good people I was able to turn my life around for the better

My story, and many stories just like mine are at times difficult to hear and  to realize that these events happen to people who suffer everyday can be debilitating. Also, in a generation where a country like the United States can be thriving economically yet more people having been diagnosed with depression in recent years goes to show that there is still lurking variable not being accounted for that needs addressing.

However, cures such as positive psychology, which emphasizes the positives in one’s life as well as encouraging one to be positively active in the community, really sheds a bright light in psychology and the science of happiness. Doing activities such as thinking of three good things that happened during the day and becoming conscience about why they made you happy, or performing random acts of kindness can go a long way and can enhance one’s self esteem and how positive they feel about themselves.

Also the aid and medication given to patients suffering from depression needs to improve. In the reading by Michael Gross, he found in a study in Germany that patients with mild depression are more readily medicated and that three-quarters of patients with more serious cases of depression don’t get the problem assistance that they need. Instead of making money off of the increase trend of depressive patients and the vagueness of the DSM-5 definition of depression, psychiatrist need to be more well informed about who needs what that way there can perhaps be a reduction in the amount of patients that are depressed.

Hopefully, with these amends, more people can find the pathway to happiness and feel better about themselves. More people in the world need to be higher on the flourishing scale and not high in the languishing scale because in the end we all deserve happiness.


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