I’ll stare at this empty text box and write about nothing until I’m able to jog my own thoughts and opinions. Well-being.. what is that exactly? Why does it seem so difficult to pinpoint when it is something that I ponder daily? I ponder the disregard to my own physical, mental, and emotional well-being for simply being “too busy” or the fact that it is “not important”. I feel that everybody needs to address their own well-being as well and that of others. I’m a hypocrite in the former respect, most of the time.

Well-being is mental. External influences contribute to well-being. These can include the way society portrays the way your life should be or the comparison of yourself to your peers. Social influences such as the way you are treated by others such as your friends, family, peers, or strangers can reflect on the way that you treat yourself and can determine your well-being. Internal influences contribute to well being as well. What you tell yourself and your perspective on certain things can also reflect on your well-being and overall mindfulness.

I am glad that there is a course that allows me to reflect on my own happiness and the happiness of others. It seems like something that has been forgotten over time. No one speaks of happiness and no one speaks of mental health unless it’s under a hushed tone. It is important to me that we are able to discuss these issues and bring them to light. I am looking forward to learning more about myself and growing throughout the semester.