10/9 Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at work is such a great thing anyone can have. When working with a lot of people in a big office, you have all types of different personalities and you have to respect those. This can make your workplace a more friendly environment and I think thats what a lot of people need in this day in age. I think companies should incorporate this into their motto of their company and they would have happier employees.

10/2 Positive Emotions in Positive Psychology

I’m glad we are on the subject of positive psychology again because I really enjoyed it.  Having positive emotions goes great with positive psychology because you can’t think negative while trying to be positive. “The mission of positive psychology is to understand and foster the factors that allow individuals, communities, and societies to flourish” I really like this quote a lot because when you have good emotions, you tend to do good.

9/25 First year college students health and academics

I thought this article was very interesting on how they found out what college students were like their first year. I know for me, the first year was hard because being away from your family is really rough when you are only 18 years old. Sleep, healthy eating habits and school work are the most important but sometimes being on your own, you sacrifice one of those inorder to go out with friends. I know a lot of people who wouldn’t sleep or only ate fast food because they didn’t have time or didn’t want to do anything expect party. I think if some schools had better food options, it would be easy for students to get the proper meals they need. But schools are on budgets just like how college students are. The study on students who exercised was interesting because I wouldn’t think that. For me working out puts me in the mood to get things done like school work, but I guess for other people, sometimes all they care about was the gym. To be a good student it’s all about time management.

9/11 Positive Psychology

I think postive psychology is great because it reduces the use of medicine in people and it can really change their lives. I feel like everyone now takes medication for something and I understand if you need that but sometimes, just changing your habits can help you. With positive psychology, you can change the people you hang around, or you can change how you see yourself and the world. The human mind is so powerful all you have to do is believe in yourself and you can get through anything. Doing more mindfulness projects can help you see what you can change in your day to day life. For example, going to a yoga class every monday might make your body feel better so you don’t have to always take a painkiller and same with headaches.  I use to have horrible headaches but when I sit down and close my eyes and think about nothing, it goes way fast. I think doctors should always tell people about positive psychology so they don’t have to use medicine on something they don’t need it for.

Positive University

This weeks reading was great. I think college students have so much on their mind they really need a positive place. Mental health is so important and everyone should be educated on it. Universities sometimes don’t do a great job at having resources for students to go to like therapy or doctors. I think VCU does a good job at staying informed about mental health.

Week 13 Post

Before reading this article, I kind of thought that conversions could always improve a persons day. Reading this I realized how much we truly do need social interactions because when I have a good day, I definitely talk to people more and if I know that can make someone smile or laugh that is awesome. This also has to me when I have a bad day, if someone talks me and they can tell that I don’t want to talk, they always try harder and then I crack. I think human interaction is something that everyone needs, it helps with your physical health and mental.

Week 12

After reading this article, I came to realize that I don’t forgive as much as I should. Not forgiving someone can lead to a lot of stress and that is something that no one needs. I learned that saying I forgive you is way different than actually forgiving someone and I totally agree with that. I think that was one of my weaknesses last week and it is definitely something that I intend on working on.

Week 11 Post

Learning about our strengths and weaknesses is definitely something hard. I tend to be able to write more about my weaknesses than my strengths and I think that’s for everyone. Sometimes society plays a big role to because we think we’re suppose to have these huge strengths and if we don’t then we aren’t good enough but I don’t believe that. I’m happy to learn more about this topic.

Week 10 post

In this reading, I agree that if you start from a young you an be addicted to drugs and alcohol but only at a certain extent. A lot of people have a gene in them that makes them more prone to being addicted to something than other people. I know people in my family who drink beer or wine aren’t addicted to it because they don’t need it to survive. I think maybe if you grow up in an environment around people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol it could be different.

Interdisciplinary Research on Close Relationships

This was really interesting to read, I never thought about the way you are brought up could affect you in your relationships. Then when I was thinking about it more, people are more likely to find someone like their parents because that’s the only relationship they have been exposed too. I agree that your social interaction can determine what your adult relationships would be like. I think relationships can depend on how you had a relation with your mother and father also. This reading was really interesting and it kind of told me that some of things that I already thought were some what true maybe.


Before reading this, the only thing I knew about depression was that some times it’s hereditary and that anyone can have it. I’ve never personally had to deal with it but I have had very close friends go through it and it’s tough. You don’t realize that everything affects them and I feel like it was something I couldn’t help them with because I didn’t know what truly was going on. Right when I started reading and they talked about Robin Williams, it was hard to read. He was such a beloved person and it’s crazy how someone who can make so many people laugh, be so sad. It was really interesting reading about what scientist think and how they haven’t figured out what the cause of depression is. Stating from what I said earlier, I thought depression was also something hereditary/biological, but learning how some people think it’s because of our society, I can see it both it ways.

Genetic influences on adolescent behavior

Reading this article was definitely new to me. When I think about genetics, I don’t think that alcohol is in that. To me, I feel like it’s all about your environment. For example, my parents don’t drink any kind of alcohol at all but me and my sister aren’t like that. I know some people who have parents who do drink but they don’t drink because they know how their parents are and they don’t want o be like that. Genetics does a lot to do with other things but I would have to say that your environment has a more impact on your life.