Positive education

Positive education is “education for both traditional skills and happiness”.(pg 432)To have a positive university allow people of an institution to understand their traits(the positive ones) and use them. Outside factors can affect your traits. More time is focused on grades than actually being a good person or paying attention to the relationships around you. Positive psychology can even help when doing group assignments as well as solo ones. Having those traits and a positive well being can lead to more effort being shown and even pleasure with the outcome. Without this positive psychology in education a lot of things would be different.

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  • Simple interactions can make a big difference in your life. Socializing with people brings positive benefits and can really make you become happier. Seeing people who you dont see that often can recreate beautiful memories and even bring satisfaction to your past. For example, I have a nephew that I see maybe once every 4-6 months and I got the chance to spend time with him last weekend. I was so overwhelmed with joy and took lots of pictures and videos. Study 2a was very interesting snd the results were very interesting.


Forgiveness is beneficial to everyone. Its not about forgetting, accepting, or excusing actions that should be punishable but agreeing that to be better off you must forgive someone for their actions so that you can live a more prosperous life. Forgiveness is very therapeutic and can decrease the amount of anxiety someone deals with. For example, if someone is dealing with abuse interventions that work on forgiveness allows them to slowly move on with their life.

character traits among college students

The purpose of this article was to show how character is measured in college students. What I found interesting but not surprising in this article is the results. The results showed that ” Females scored significantly higher than males on kindness, love, gratitude, forgiveness, appreciation of beauty and excellence, prudence, fairness, and leadership. Males scored significantly higher on creativity, bravery and self-regulation”(Page 76) No matter what studies are made those results are always true. Even though these character traits are some how stereotyped they still depict college students of this age.

Substance disorders

Teens and young adults are more likely to have neurological damage when abusing alcohol and drugs. Substance abuse can affect daily activities as well. It can cause delayed reaction and even death. Teens are more prone to misusing  substances due to so many things including less parent supervision, peer pressure, and more access to it. Many doctors and researchers have proven that it can cause long term damage. The only way to stop the amount of teens from suffering long term damage is by educating them and watching who they hang around.


This article was very interesting. I learned that our prior and past relationships and friendships determine what our future ones would be like. For example, if i was alone all the time in elementary school then the chances of me having lots of friends in college would be less than they should be. As an infant you become attached to people(your caregiver or family) very quickly and that attachment can show in the future. Due to life events some people have a hard time building strong relationships with people so when it comes time for serious and long term relationships they struggle with keeping one.


What I found interesting in this article is that there a re two ways of assessing mindfulness: practices and self report questionnaires. The mindfulness practices help focus your attention and thoughts. It affects your ability to pay attention to things, cognitive performance, emotions, and behavior. Mindfulness can be beneficial to people in the workplace. It can better their performance, allow for better work relationships, and allow your overall experience at work be more better. I wish there were mindfulness practices throughout my job so that my days can be a little bit more manageable.

Positive emotions in positive psychology

Emotions come from personal events, situations, and people. Positive emotions can undo the negative ones. What I found interesting is that it said that positive emotions is linked to creative thinking and that current positive emotions help create positive emotions in the future. The more positive you feel the more beneficial it can be to you during future situations and events.

Academic performance

So many things are linked to good academic performance for example nutrition and time management. A few studies have showed that students who spend more time doing hw and eats a well balanced breakfast tend to do better in school. Sleep habits change when you are entering college for the first time. So getting adjusted to 8am classes are a bit challenging for some. Sleep habits have everything to deal with your academic performance. For me if I go to bed late and have an 8am plus two other classes I know I am going to struggle and fall asleep in at least one of my classes. So by having a good sleep schedule you balance everything out and allow your body to be thoroughly prepared for the day ahead.


I found it interesting that in the article it said that they dont really know where depression comes from. Many researchers try and find a cure or even find the medicine to help with it but does it really help? Another interesting fact in this article is that a depressed mood is related to dopamine. I just wish I was able to help with finding the right solution to depression because its so many people that deals with it and you hear about way too many people commutting suicide because of it.

Positive psychology

Positive psychology is all about making peoples lives better. So many reasesrchers spend their time trying to prevent mental diseases and illnesses instead of looking at the individual and using their qualities to overcome the illness. Now people experience more lonliness than their ancestors which affects their well-being. Happiness is directly related to positive psychology. Studies have shown that the more positive you are about things your well being and mental health overall increases.  “if psychologists wish to improve the human condition…majority of normal people also need examples and advice to reach a richer ad more fulfilling experience.”(Page 10) I have taken courses where we talked about these mental illnesses and during the readings  they all  focus on all the bad thats associated with it but if we focus more on preventing it by using what we have right now there could be a drastic change .

Mental Health

Mental illnesses are very serious and more frequent throughout the world. When you think about mental health you normally come across them mental illnsses like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and etc. It also has a good side to it. In the article it states that “Adults who were diagnosed as completely mentally healthy functioned superior to all others in terms of the fewest workdays missed, fewest half-day or less cutbacks of work, lowest level of health limitations of activities of daily living, the fewest chronic physical diseases and conditions, the lowest health care utilization, and the highest levels of psychosocial functioning. In terms of psychosocial functioning, this meant that completely mentally healthy adults reported the lowest level of perceived helplessness (e.g., low perceived control in life), the highest level of functional goals (e.g., knowing what they want from life)”. Having good mental help means you can go throughout your everyday life with little to no physical/mental setbacks, or things that would stop or prevent you from completing a task. As shown in the article your mental health is linked to your physical body as well. For example, mental health can be linked to stomach and back problems. ” adults who were completely mentally healthy had the lowest number of chronic physical conditions at all ages”.