This semester, the most valuable things I learned were to be mindful, positive, and patient.  Simple things like meditation, and breathing exercises in class helped me out exponentially. I am easily irritated, and I never realized all i needed to do was simply breathe. Just the other day, I was really ticked off about something, and immediately I laid down, opened “Calm”,  and did breathing exercises for about 3 minutes. Just taking some time to breathe has impacted my reaction to stressful situations.

In the future I will continue to spread positivity. The final project positivity blast my group did really inspired me to spread compliments and words of motivation often. I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear our piece on positive psychology, but everyone loved it. I also have recommended SOH to incoming freshmen.

What are some changes that you’ve already made (and why), and what changes do you think you still need to work on making (and why)?

I have changed my attitude! It still needs work, but my patience has gotten a lot better. Small things don’t really bother me anymore, because I’ve learned a lot about positive relationships, and I’ve really analyzed the qualities in the crowds I chose to be around, and made some changes.  I could work on being an all around positive person, but that’s easier said than done! I also want to prioritize, and get myself together for the upcoming school year.

I follow VCU COBE on Twitter, so I will continue to hashtag them and spread around their messages to my social network. I am also a camp counselor, and I plan on spreading compliments to my campers every day.