Blog Post #3

Blog Post #3

There are many major lessons that I learned from the content this semester. The first major lesson that I learned was how important mindfulness is. Throughout the day we tend to find ourselves going through the same motions. While walking to class I started to be mindful of my surroundings and recognize the things happening around me. I now take time to enjoy the things happening around me.  I learned how important it is to be in the moment and how practicing positivity can influence your mood. I started to live in the moment rather then worrying about the past. Another major lesson that I learned was how important positivity psychology is. I learned about PERMA, which is increasing flourishing. PERMA is “a multidimensional theory of wellbeing that includes both eudemonic and hedonic wellbeing” (Walsh). The topics that were most meaningful to myself were mindfulness and the science of yoga. I took the information that I learned on these days to my everyday life. I always wanted to participate in yoga but was always scared, until I went to the gym and learned some basic moves from the guest speaker. I will commit to applying the ideas I learned from this class by continuing to participate in gym classes everyday (thanks to this class!), practicing mediation each morning, being mindful when walking to class, and also using the information that I learned to help others. Before starting this class I did not realize how important working out was for me. The eat sleep move class power point explained how exercise can produce less stress, “exercising two days a week leads to happier and significantly less stress” (Rath, 2010). She also mentioned how “exercise sparks neurogenesis, or the creations of entirely new brain cells and helps with recall” (Reynolds, 2011). I started to work out each day by participating in gym classes. As King explain in the yoga power point was that the goals for yoga are to “learn the yoga practices, postures, breathing, relaxation, gain skills to manage stress, learn about ourselves and to build a community” (King). I have met many people through yoga classes and have made some really great friends. Working out has made a happier person and significantly less stressed. Some changes I could work on making is to continue working out throughout the summer and to continue to be motivated. This will push be to be a better person and give me motivation throughout my life. I plan to share the information that I learned throughout the class by continuing to share on social media and by telling my friends and family the information that I learned. I have already told a few friends who are struggling about how mediation and exercise may help with stress. They have been going to the gym more often and I do see a change in there behavior. I am so happy that I took this class because it has taught me how to be more positive throughout life. I will use what I learned throughout the course throughout the rest of my life. I enjoyed how the lectures were set up and also how fun the group project was . This image summarizes most what I learned this semester, and how important peace and positivity is in everyday life. 

Blog Post #2

Weeks 5 through 10 have covered numerous topics including; romantic relationships, positive identity and relationships, mindfulness, Yoga (eat, sleep, move), and getting to know yourself. The common ties that I have noticed across the topics are how romantic relationships and positive identity go hand in hand. It is important to take of yourself first or the negativity from within can affect the relationship with your partner. Positive identity, mindfulness, and yoga all go hand in hand because they are all promote self-growth and a positive outlook on life. It is important to practice mindfulness in a relationship because it can be easier to understand the person you are with. All topics are interrelated and can be beneficial in a good relationship with yourself or others. The larger lessons that I have gained in the past 10 weeks are how important it is to take of yourself mentally, and how important it is to be mindful. It is important to take care of your brain because stress has a huge effect on overall performance. I have made many changes with regards to this class including in practicing mediation and yoga. I have been making an effort to go to the gym and sign up for the yoga classes that they offer. So far the changes I have made have had a really positive effect.

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The first four weeks of the science of happiness class have defiantly been influential. The topic that were discussed in class included what cause human behavior, genetic influences on behavior, mood states and introduction into positive phycology. All topic discussed are related due to the nature of how our brains work. It is important to understand genetics and human behavior in order to understand your thoughts or why you are thinking in the way you are. It is important to be aware of these topics in order to gain a more positive approach to everyday life. If people are more aware of their automatic responses they can change the way they react in these situations. These topics are also different because one certain topic can not fully describe why one is acting or feeling the way that they are. Something that was new to me was pathologic anxiety; I have never heard of this term before but it was interesting to learn about the threshold of anxiety and when it becomes non adaptive. An activity that was very meaningful to me was the concept of meditation. Before taking this class I did not realize how important meditation was. I have learned what kind of meditation works for me; and it does indeed reduce stress.