Make your life the way you choose

Make your life the way you choose


As this class comes to an end, its bittersweet. I am sad the class is ending, but happy with all the lessons I can take with me. Through this class I have learned to stop to enjoy the moment and how to lesson my stress with work and school.  We covered a lot in class about cultivating our own happiness to accomplish the perfect dream of having a healthy, successful and happy life. A couple of topics that stood out the most were social emotional learning and positive psychology interventions. All three of these topics hit home, for one I wish that more schools could implement more social emotional learning programs into their curriculum. Children are leaning more than just being creative they are learning simple lesson that will later help them in the long run. I love children and working with children I worked with many ages of children with multiple years of childhood education under my belt. But if I would have known about these programs earlier when I had the privilege to show teacher this they might have been able to fit it in their busy schedules. Second, I have used multiple of these exercises since learning more about them to help with the stress of working two jobs and applying to nursing school. These activities are helping keep me sane through this tough process.

As my career develops I am going to continue to use the meditation, acts of kindness and optimism. With these concepts in mind I will be able to make it through the rough days when a child comes into the emergency department suffering. They will help move past the events that are so traumatizing that you don’t want to remember, but you know you did all you can. I have made many changes in my life since taking this class, such as spending more time with family and cherishing the moments. Taking a few minutes everyday to gather my thought and make to do lists of what I need to do and trying to not stress over paying for school. There are still things that I need to work on like engaging myself more into a social life and try to come out of my shell. I have also focused my mind to more positive thinking so when something negative comes around I am not dweling on it I am thinking of ways that I can change it.

With all the information I have learned through this class, I am planning on showing my friends this information and activities to practice for themselves. Many of these activities I have already shared with family and friends to practice and see if it has the same effect on them as it did with me. Things happen for reason we will never know but we can do somethings. That we can take every moment we can and change it to wear we are less stressed from everyday life and make every moment a cherished one full of memories that are worth remembering. Taking the bad memories like death and changing the way we are thinking to something positive like all the happy moments our loves one gave us.

So take your life by the horns and make it more positive and meaningful!

Today is a good day to be alive

Today is a good day to be alive

In the past few weeks we have covered many topics from personality to romantic relationships, and substance abuse. Looking at the foundation of these topics we see that they are all placed within the same field of positive psychology. We discussed the difference between a healthy and bad relationship. As we moved forward from the first six weeks of class, the topics have become more intricate. Defined the science behind positive psychology to going more in depth into personality traits leading to substance abuse.

There were a few lessons that I learned in this class that has been very helpful but the one lesson that stands out the most was self-awareness. As I focus more on who I am and who I want to be I can change my outlook on life. One of the exercises we did in class involved asking close friends and family what the traits they value and love about us. At first, I didn’t not know who to turn to because it has been a while since I have communicated with some people due to being busy with two jobs, school full time and applying to nursing schools. Then count in the fact that after high school, what seems like forever ago, many “friends” stop talking to you and go about their own way. Once I figured out who I would ask the feedback I got back was not too surprising. Overall, I was very happy that they saw me this was because that is how I want to be thought of and remembered. The feedback I receive had such an impact on me that I have stopped worrying about how others feel about me and focused on the current relationships that are good influences on me and have cut off the relationships that is bad. I also have begun to even try to better myself from the way that I carry myself to the how I act, even how I portray my feelings towards loved ones.

Though I have changed the way I think and carry myself there hasn’t been much of a change to my daily habits but there will be one in the close future after I begin to further balance my life of being a student and working to pay the expensive costs of going to college. I am looking to pick up yoga and maybe hiking. I have already started to plan more fishing trips with my boyfriend and close friends of ours.

The quote I have chose reminds me that as I am moving forward in life, I am letting go of the past, trying not to stress about the future that I can’t control and focusing on the here and now. Cause what better time to live than for the moment.

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My first 6 weeks relating to the roller coaster of my life. Enjoy.

My first 6 weeks relating to the roller coaster of my life. Enjoy.

I am going to start this post off with a favorite quote of mine by Samuel Smiles. Read it and think, but not too hard or you will miss the point.


Now to start you off down the whirl winds of my life these past few years and still to this day. . . 



I’m not going to lie, when I first saw the title of this class I was very intrigued! All I could think about was what lessons I could learn and show to everyone how to “be happy”. I even hoped there was a textbook so I could share it with my family, because these last couple years have been, for lack of a better word, shitty. Every corner in life ended with our family burying someone we loved, whether it was a pet or my beloved grandmother.

When we had to complete the Keyes’ Model of Complete Mental Health activity, I wasn’t very surprised that I scored as moderately mentally healthy. I am happy with my relationship with my loving family and boyfriend. Aside from my happy life on the outside and in my heart, I still feel like I am stuck in the middle. I am stuck in the middle between the past and my future. Being told many times that I dwell on the past, but how can you fully look towards the future after dealing with so much death. Then bad thoughts being stuck in your head. But these first six weeks have taught me something very important, that I wish my family could understand. That through the hard times comes a light at the end of the tunnel with something good. An interesting twin study, using identical twins, helped tie loose ends together when entwining all the lessons. The first six weeks have been helpful in ways beyond imaginable.

As we went on through the course we read an interesting article about promoting and protecting mental health. A very shocking statement in this article said, “the search for and discovery of a cure for mental illness. . . could further bankrupt the US”. Over all this activity showed that in the with the absence of a mental illness doesn’t mean that I am mentally healthy.

Many things help me with coping with the blues or feeling out of place. A few of them are meditation, reading as an escape, and working to the point where I forget why I was feeling this way. I also have an amazing boyfriend, family and friends who love me and are there when I need them. My mom and boyfriend in particular pick up on the little things when I am not acting like myself. It is hard for me to be open with people after it seemed like death was on my doorstep awaiting another soul to take, I became very depressed. I stayed in my room for days on end and sometimes without eating. Missed days of work and many classes, did not pay attention to anything around me. I was stuck in my head with bad thoughts flying around.

“Why did this happen to me?” “Would it be a better place if my parents didn’t have the burden of dealing with my issues after we just lost so much?”

To this day, these thoughts still come back to haunt me, but I found someone who will listen without a hesitation, come to my rescue when needed and be there through thick and thin. Every day, I ask myself “how did I get so lucky to call this handsome man mine”.

Positive psychology is just what you think it is, positive thinking and feeling. Not only does positive psychology help with your inner self but also on the outside too. Inside it will help with your concentration, boots in alertness and motivation, overall just being MINDFUL! On the outside people will see a change in the way you carry yourself. There are many things that you can do to increase you positive thinking in life like meditation, writing down your feelings, and scheduling ‘ME’ time.

Towards the end of our first six weeks we took another survey to calculate our strengths and weaknesses. My top strength, appreciation of beauty and excellence, didn’t surprise me. I tend to catch myself starring off into the sky or towards nature when I am outside, seeing how peaceful it is. It reminds me of an assignment I had to do during middle school; the instructions for the assignment were to sit outside and write down what you feel and what you hear. As I sat outside at my picnic table with my three dogs running around the yard I focused in on what I hear, the wind tickling the trees as it passed by and my dogs playfully barking at each other. What shocked me as I sat there for a long period of time, I was content and happy as I sat there admiring the beauty of nature. As I tuned in on how I felt other than my contentment, I was happy. I had everything I could ever wish for and not material riches, I’m talking about a loving supportive family and animals who look up to me for food and shelter and unforgiving love (even when Snoopy stole my peanut butter crackers out of a drawer). You could call this practicing meditation; but to this day I find myself thinking about who I am and what I will become one day.



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