Final Blog Post

I would like to start off by saying that I went into this class as a way to get 3 credit hours and did not expect much out of it. However, this could not be farther from the truth. I gained so much experience from SOH. A lot of the guest speakers we had gave such powerful and insightful lectures with information that I will give my all to continue to use throughout my life. One of the topics that I think I will follow the most is mindfulness. I started out with no knowledge on the subject, and even having not heard the word before. However, as I started to understand it more I began thinking “where was this all of my life?” I have never regarded myself as someone who is an attentive communicator nor someone who is very grounded in focusing on the present. However, after being shown how to practice active listening my friends even started commenting on my change in conversation. Saying that they felt I was really appreciating everything that was coming out of their mouths. I have also been attempting to use metacognition as mentioned in Contemplating mindfulness at work. My mind is usually a jumbled mess with all of the volunteering, school work and social activities I need to keep track of that slowing down and trying to understand and sort through my mind has been helping me stay much more relaxed.

Something else that was extremely helpful and I am sure I will use was the Via survey. When we took the survey for our exercise I realized this is perfect for job interviews. I’ve never known what to say to interviewers when they ask what are your strengths and weakness and now I have the perfect answer.

Another topic that I am currently using daily, and will hopefully continue to use, is meditation. I have had chronic insomnia since high school and unfortunately I am too young for sleep aids because of how addictive they are. So, for years I would struggle to get maybe 3 hours of sleep a night. Someone once recommended meditation to me and I shrugged it off thinking that’s stupid I can meditate. However, after trying it in class a few times I became much better and I have my sleep average up to 6 hours a night which is astounding to me. However, something that I have not been doing very efficiently is focusing on the present. My mind tends to wander far too much to mistakes I have made in the past and possible mistakes I could make in the future. I need to work on letting those things go and learning from them so that I don’t repeat the errors I have made.

I think this picture wraps up everything I have learned very well. When I saw it I actually decided to write a sticky note out myself and keep it on the wall above my desk just to remind myself to slow down and in general be happy.

Blog Post #2

A topic I noticed coming up frequently in the discussions from the past few weeks was recognizing you own overall mental health and stability. For example, Dr. Salvatore discussed how to maintain a healthy and functional relationship with another person, which involved looking at your own behavior and how you treat and interact with others. When paying attention to your own personality you can start to see if there are characteristics you possess that would cause disruption in a relationship. Such as being controlling or simply not noticing how you only focus on yourself. I think this topic ties in well with the lesson on emotions and how to manage them. If you are not able to be in control of your emotions there is no way you can build a stable relationship with another person.

Remaining on the topic of relationships, in class we discussed interaction as being one of the key concepts of being in a relationship. If you do not express your emotions or discuss how something is not working, then the relationship will most likely fall apart without either person knowing why. Another concept of interaction is not only expressing but also being able to listen to the other person. This concept is called active listening. Something I know I have had an issue with in the past is listening to someone when they talk to me and not getting distracted and changing the topic. Even though I was aware that it was an issue I never took any action to stop this habit mostly because I did not know how. Ever since the lecture on active listening I have been trying to implement the tools I was provided with to make myself a better listener. Starting with not speaking when someone else is talking and making sure that I am actually paying attention to them talk and not letting my mind wander. If I catch myself getting distracted I will quickly bring my mind back to the present. If information was missed while my mind was wandering I will wait until they finish speaking and summarize what I heard back to them so if I missed anything they will fill in the blanks.

I think these past 5 weeks have been the highlight of the class. The topics we have learned have made me feel healthier in a way. One of my favorite exercises was the exercise in which we had to talk to friends and family and ask them to say a few things they like about you. It was a little awkward at first but I definitely felt better about myself afterwards, and it changed my perspective. These 5 weeks have definitely influenced me the most and taught me more about myself.