Adolescent Substance Use

Before reading this article the topic was something I am very familiar with because it is my freshman year. College comes with so much fun but it also comes with a lot of stress. This article talks about substance addiction coming into play when being at a young age. I feel like its our duty to help our fellow rams who we see falling into this abuse stage and talk to them about getting help for it. Have you guys had a friend you had to help with an addiction coming into college?


The article talks about forgiveness which is a subject I don’t relate with a lot. I don’t feel inclined to forgive someone when they do something wrong to me, yet after reading the article I definitely understand where the author is coming from. Forgiving someone doesn’t just impact yourself it impacts various relationships and your way of living. Holding a grudge can put you down in other aspects. I enjoyed this article but do you guys think forgiving someone is always the right choice?


After the survey I was given the trait of Judgment. Which actually meant a lot to get since I’ve never considered myself to have good judgement growing up. The article talks about the purpose of knowing your main trait and using it to better your other traits. Having good judgment can help me in so many ways, helping me know when to use my other strengths at the right moment and who to spend my time with by using my judgment.

Substance Abuse

When I read this article I felt connected since a lot of my family friends and etc. have delt with a problem like this. Coming into highschool I’ve seen many people experiment with drugs, I feel like if they read this article they wouldn’t since they would see what it can do their kids. Substance abuse can cause someone to completely alter their life in the present and the future. Would you guys and girls who have experimented with drugs alter your decision after reading this article?



This article spoke about a person’s parent’s relationship on their love life later on in their life. I believe this is the truth because my parent’s have been together for over 20 years now and my big brother is in a committed relationship which is about to turn into an engagement. Seeing two loving parents in the household make a child want that growing up. Yet at the same time someone with divorced parents could have a stable relationship because they wouldn’t want their kids to go through what they did growing up. What do you guys think?

Positive Emotions

I really liked this article it showed an outlook that I believe in strongly. Someone’s outlook on life can strongly effect how they feel throughout their day. I’m blessed to have a positive outlook and even before reading this article I believed the views. This article should be read by people without the view to know how your outlook on life can change your day or even life into having positive emotions.

GPA Health

Prior to reading this article I thought that a student’s GPA depended mostly on work ethic, despite the other distraction. Yet after reading this article I learned the importance of sleep on someone’s overall performance. Staying up late night studying for test until the morning isn’t as good as taking time out of your day throughout the week to study before the test to conclude the biggest factor on your GPA throughout an era is sleep.


Before reading this article I knew very little about Depression, except that it was a great cause of suicide in our society. I believed that it was based on genetics but reading this makes me lean towards the cause of depression being our society and the things around the person. I thought it was genetics because my family has a lot of happiness running in our blood. Yet some of my closest friends who have family issues go through mild depression. So to conclude, after reading this article I believe both a person’s surroundings and genetics are a factor in their probability to fall under depression.

Positive Psychology

Prior to reading this article the only word that came to mind when hearing “Positive Psychology” was the word “Happy”. Yet after reading this article I realize it’s much more complex. A positive psychological person has attributes that conform the word “Happy”. The best thing I read in the article was that the percent of Positive people is supposed to raise greatly in the coming years. If I had one question for my classmates it would be how long they think positive psychology takes to be earned? And does everyone earn it at some point?

Genetic Influence

Prior to reading this article all I knew about the topic of this music video was Nature Vs. Nature and the basic concepts of this subject. After reading it my understanding of the subject has grown greatly, understanding how much both factors play a part in this article.  I now know how both go 50/50 into another, genes play a big part in creating the human. But a person’s environment shapes who they are, the people are you make you who you are and potentially who you become. That’s why in my opinion it is so important to have a good group of people around you. My main question on this topic is if someone comes from a bad place and come out to make it as a model being, would they be considered a freak of nature? I want to know what you guys think about this question.

Mental Health and Illness Week 2

Before reading this article I had no idea their were 3 different types of stages of mental health, Healthy, Disabled, and Flourishing. Flourishing is the standard at which we want our population to be at. Growing up, I had many friends who was actually mentally disabled, some I even found out were disabled after reading this article since they had disorders such as ADHD or Anxiety. It doesn’t mean they’re irregular at all its just the category their put under and it shows that we are blessed to grow up in a generation where these disabilities are being recognized since they are serious problems. Mental disabilities were being overlooked for years due to other bigger disorders and diseases, which doesn’t go towards to say that any is more important than the other it just means to say that we’re lucky for a more of a balance. I was most surprised to find out about that these disorders that even my closest friends have put a certain title on them and that the mental state that we want our population to be at is known as flourishing. The only question I have for the author is why he thinks these mental illnesses were so overlooked even back when he was at a young age and what experience did he have first hand seeing a person with a mental illness being treated like he had a flourishing mental state. In a small discussion I would ask how the small group thinks the world would be without medication for people with mental illnesses and where they think they stand between the 3 states. And for whoever is commenting, I want to know if you think this article was bias towards how much money should be put into mental research.