Towards a positive university

I enjoyed reading this article because I believe that it relates to all of us. As college students we have to balance different tasks and your personal well being at the same time can be very stressful. This causes negative emotions for students and decreases their effort in their school work. Having this article explain about having positivity amongst schools and their students is important for them  to show how they can develop their strengths to reach their goals. If we have more positive techniques in our schools now, students would be able to succeed in the future. I hope that researchers can continue their research about the positive techniques we need in our schools.

Social Interactions

This weeks article talks about how social interactions has an importance with our well being. Before reading this article, I would’ve never thought that a simple conversation could have a big impact on the other person . People have a more positive affect when they are engaged in social rather than non-social activities. When researchers wanted people recall events that occurred earlier in their day, they reported more positive affect on days when they recall participating in social events , and on days when they recall feeling more connected to others. Lack of communications and other reasons can cause weak ties for people. The article quotes that,   “[W]e should not underestimate the value of our acquaintances—interactions with weak ties are related to our subjective well-being and feelings of belonging” (Social). Me being very introverted have had times when I wanted to start conversation with people however I would choke before I could even open my mouth. I feel like this article can help some of us with our communication skills and how we can improve on them. Maybe this weeks lectures can help us with interacting with others.


I feel like everyone can relate to this topic. Forgiveness is something that we all cope with and have to learn about in order to better ourselves. This article focuses on psychotherapeutic interventions to bring about forgiveness which would make it easier to do instead of trying it on your own. Forgiveness can be both described as (a) the reduction in vengeful and angry thoughts, feelings, and motives that may be accompanied by (b) an increase in some form of positive thoughts, feelings, and motives toward the offending person. I personally have always had a hard time forgiving people. For example, I had friends in high school that ended up turning their back on me because I left home for college. When I went home for the reading days they said they wanted to see me however when the day came they both made excuses on why they didn’t show. The fact that I called these girls my friends and they let me down like that really disappointed me. How could I possibly forgive them? Throughout the years I’ve learned to “forgive and forget” however with me having a clear memory, their flashback comes back to haunt me. I would’ve never thought that people would need interventions in order to help cope with forgiveness. On the other hand, the interventions were better than alternative/no treatment for others and it helped them reduce their depression, anxiety and anger. I hope  that this weeks lectures help me learn more about how to forgive people. So my question to you is: How do you usually cope with forgiveness? Is it something that you personally struggle with? Do you believe that you can  “forgive and forget”?

Differences in Character Among U.S. College Students

From reading this article, it gives readers a better understanding on how college students develop different character strengths. I would’ve never thought that character strengths are part of positive psychology.  It started to make sense to know that different character strengths means different personality traits for each individual.  The questionnaire resulted that college students do appear to poses all 24 character strengths.  Based on genders, it differed by having a ratio of 11 out of 24 strengths. Honesty/integrity and kindness were the top two character strengths for both genders. As a college student, I feel as though I see these strengths in everyone, since we’re all in college and are considered adults, As we know, strengths are basically described as something that an individual is good at. In my opinion, I feel like learning about character strengths can help us better ourselves and “can further reveal the development, construct, use, expression, and benefits of character” (Students).

Interdisciplinary Research on Close Relationships

Before I read this article, I have always been told to find someone who treats me like my parents would. I have always believed that so that way if I do find someone like them they would accept them. After reading this article, I felt like this reading relates to all of us and our relationships with others. I have always believed that a child’s behavior is determined by their surroundings and their parents actions. Your parents are usually the first inspiration on how your thoughts feelings and behaviors will show in future relationships. For example, my parents recently celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary and have been together ever since. Even though they have had their ups and downs,they find ways to work things out for the best because it’s their love that makes their relationship stronger. As I grow into adulthood their relationship gives me an idea on what I personally want in a relationship. In my opinion,I feel like people should read this article if they have a misunderstanding on the importance of a healthy relationship and how to better their relationships with people.

Positive Emotions in Positive Psychology

I found this article to be quite interesting. Who would’ve imagined that positive emotions have such a huge role on the field of positive psychology? The article states that, ” Positive emotions serve as markers of flourishing, or optimal well-being. [M]oments in people’s lives [are] characterized by experiences of positive emotions— such as joy, interest, contentment, love, and the like—are moments in which they are not plagued by negative emotions—such as anxiety, sadness, anger, and despair” (Psychology).  This gave me a better insight about the positive psychology movement and its research on positive emotions. If we spread the awareness of building people’s personal and social resources, their positive emotions will change them for the better.

Implications for Sleep and Other Behaviors

I feel as if this article relates to us college students. Growing up we’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and to get eight hours of sleep every night to make you brain function properly. However as college students sometimes it’s hard for us to find time for that. Whether we pull an all nighter or wake up fifteen minutes before class, its difficult. Both of these factors are something that I personally need to work on. I feel time management plays a role on our academic performance. If college students practice on that, they will be able to find a way to boost their academic performance.

Silver Linings for Patients with Depression

As I read the title of this article, I thought of the people that I know personally that suffers with depression. Reading this article shows us that depression is less treated than any other mental illness. I know for a fact that you never say this line, “you’ll get over it” to someone who is suffering. People always believe that depression is something that’s in your head and eventually go away. However there are less people getting treatment because they believe, or have been told, that their symptoms will eventually go away. In my opinion, I don’t believe that medications will completely solve their problems. It says in the article that, “patients with mild depression may get medicated too readily, but of those with severe symptoms, three quarters don’t get the help they need.” If there is a better outreach to people that have long term depression, they might get the help that they deserve.

Positive Psychology

I found this article to be quite interesting. Why? Because I have always had discussions about the negatives of psychology and mental health. I never realized that positive psychology is determined by personal experiences until now. Throughout the years I have always thought happiness came naturally. This quote gave me a better insight about psychology itself. ” Psychology is not just a branch of medicine concerned with illness or health; it is much larger. It is about work, education, insight, love, growth, and play” (Positive Psychology). In my last blog post I mentioned my past with anxiety. Going through years of therapy and treatments didn’t really seem to work at all. Instead I learned how embrace the good things in life and forget my past and focus on the present and future, which now has fully improved. Hopefully, people who practice in this field can give awareness and a better insight to others that have lost hope and eliminate their negative lifestyle.

Promoting and Protecting Mental Health and Flourishing

When you hear that someone has a mental health disorder, depression, anxiety, and any other disorder will first come to mind. I myself had some knowledge to the topic of mental health, however reading this article gave me a better perspective on how the mind can control someone’s well being. I myself know that not everyone is mentally stable, even me, and that everyone goes through something that leads them to a downward spiral.  I who grew up having anxiety believed that that was the norm due to the fact that my family has a history of anxiety and depression. This reading sparked my interests and evened opened my eyes a bit more about this particular topic.  I believe that this is a topic that constantly  gets thrown under the table and should be acknowledged more often.