This course has taught me so much! My time in this class has been very beneficial. I’ve learned so many things from the readings, weekly exercises, and presenters who came in to teach us new things about positive psychology. I’ve learned to focus on the positive things in life and to be optimistic as possible. Another main topic that stood out to me was mindfulness. At this point in my life I have so many stressors that I have to always be mindful or I feel like I would go insane.I learned about PERMA, which is increasing flourishing. PERMA is a multidimensional theory of wellbeing that includes both eudemonic and hedonic wellbeing. The topics that stood out to me were mindfulness and the science of yoga. Since the yoga session I have been doing yoga in my free time and I feel much better about myself and my level of stress has decreased. The activity where we had to log our food also stood out to me because when you log your food you can be aware of what you’re eating. I already monitored my food but it was in an app. When you actually write it down and write what your mood was when you ate it puts things into perspective for you. Rath (2010), indicated that exercising two days a week leads to happier and significantly less stress.

Another topic that touched me was the power of forgiveness. Dr. Worthington’s talk was amazing. I’ve read a lot about forgiveness and how to forgive. In the Wade and Worthington reading, I learned that forgiveness is not only the reduction of vengefulness or anger but it also positive thoughts and feelings towards the offending person. That sentence in my opinion really woke me up to see that I have the power to forgive and I am not gaining anything by not being a forgiving person. I will be set free by having positive feelings towards that offending person and letting go of my anger toward them. I feel like forgiving is the biggest problem for me but Dr. Worthington really put into perspective for me that I should forgive. This is something that I will continue working on beyond this class. I will let go of the anger that is inside of me and begin to forgive.

I always share this information with people who are outside of my class. Its just an interesting class so I always find myself talking to my friends and parents about the things that I learn. I will continue to have meaningful conversation about mindfulness and forgiveness with people outside of the classroom since I am quite knowledgeable about the subjects now.

Blog Post numero dos (2)

Blog Post numero dos (2)

During weeks 5-10 we have gone over a lot of things romantic relationships, positive identity and relationships, mindfulness, Yoga (eat, sleep, move), and getting to know yourself. These topics all relate to one another by each and everyone having to do with wellness and growth. During each of these topics we have learned how to go about them in the best way possible. For example, we learned what a healthy relationship is, what mindfulness practices we should use to be balanced, learned how to do yoga, and learned how to get to know ourselves. These topics differ because they all touch on different aspects of wellness. The entire 10 weeks I have learned a lot about nutrition and yoga practices. These topics really interest me because I am trying to become knowledgeable on nutrition so that I can reach my fitness goals so that was really helpful. When we had a yoga class I was very moved by it and will practice yoga more often when given the opportunity to do so. I plan to make some changes when it comes to my eating. Currently i am already eating healthy but I hope to make even better decisions when it comes to my nutrition. I will also add in being a skillful listener so that I can receive messages better when people are talking to me. I really enjoy talking about positive psychology because it really is not acknowledged as much as it should be in the public today.

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The first four weeks of class really has flown by and I have gained a lot from each class. In my opinion, the topics in class kind of mesh together because they all deal with forms of happiness or how to maintain a sense of well-being. For example, the Keyes’ Model of complete mental/health flourishing helps us understand if we are flourishing or not and if we aren’t that it is okay because we can make it to be flourishing. The Genetic influences on behavior also connects to happiness because we have learned that genetics and behavior play a huge role in our happiness or our genetic predispositions. We now understand that the environment does play a huge role in our everyday lives as well as our happiness. Depression, anxiety and mood states relates to happiness/well-being because the lecture helps us understand what the difference between mood states and being depressed are and how they are not the same thing. It also teaches us the signs of depression and how serious depression and anxiety actually are. Positive psychology ties into everything listed above because without positive psychology we wouldn’t be able to study what makes people happy. Being happy should be treated just as a health condition. It is important to get people’s endorphins pumping to get happy!

There were a few surprising things that I learned from the first four weeks. One was that I did not know how anxiety felt for some people until we watched the video. It gave me a greater understanding of how it affects people in their everyday lives. I’ve also learned mindfulness skills from Linda. Mindfulness is very important to everyday life and it helps when trying to cope with every day stressors like school, work, personal relationships, etc. I also found it interesting that our environment has so much to do with how we are. I always thought most of it was genetic.

The activities in class that I personally feel apply to me and were meaningful are the times when we meditate.