After reading this article, I definitely agree with the argument being posed in this article. I think that mental health is a topic that is ignore too often when the importance cannot be made more clear. Being at college level of education, the stress level of academics heightens and I feel like people try to tough it out and deal with the crazy amounts of stress they deal with by themselves. It is important for all to know, especially on a college campus that seeking help for your own mental health is nothing to be ashamed about.  Being in a class such as this one, had me thinking about the benefits of a class that teaches the things that it does in a lower level of education. I know a class like this would be just as appreciated on a high school level too. This would definitely benefit the mental health of many students before entering college.


Before reading this article, I had no previous knowledge of environmental conditions being a factor for increased risky behavior  such as increased drug or alcohol abuse. Though I did know that genetics play a major role in the life of adolescents that are predisposed due to their genetic makeup. What I found very interesting was that as you grow older, certain environmental effects have a lesser effect on you and that if you are genetically predisposed, participating in risky behavior puts you at a greater risk. As participation in substance abuse becomes more socially acceptable due to the media and peer pressure, it makes more sense to me now why all of the people that surrounded me in my high school were participating in risky behavior. I feel as though my knowledge has expanded due to the fact that now, I know why people may be participating in the things they do especially now that  I am in college.


Without having much knowledge about psychology , I found this article very interesting. Knowing that there are various types of psychology especially positive psychology was very new to me. I learned that psychology is what makes people grow as individuals when times of stress are high or when the source of someone’s owns happiness is no longer available to them. Positive psychology promotes a bright mind set when things start to veer from how you envisioned it go and to not panic. I believe that this form of psychology should be better advertised especially on college campuses where times get stressful very easily.


After reading this article, I reflecting back on the years I was in high school. I was constantly surrounded by people that developed tolerance for alcohol in early adolescence as well as for drugs. It was interesting to find out that people have a different risk rate for an SUD. You can just have a particular personality trait that will make you more susceptible for an SUD. You don’t just have to be genetically predisposed. I will definitely take away from this article, that having an SUD is a very real thing that can lead to detrimental effects in your future.

Weak-ties Blog Post

This article helped me better understand weak and strong-ties and how they shape us into overall happy, mentally-healthy individuals. Personally, I value every social interaction I encounter, and I thoroughly believe that weak-ties helped mold me into the person I am today. Every social interaction I share with an individual that I would consider to have a weak-tie with always puts a smile on my face. I value all the differences in everyone I interact with, and I value how each interaction is unique.

As for strong-ties, these are of top-tier value, except in a different way. I value these strong-ties I share with my close friends and family because they have actually helped me become the good person I am today over a period of time. I’ve watched these individuals grow, just as they have seen me grow into who I am today. Although I posses a strong value for close-ties, I still wouldn’t be the person I am today without the small encounters I share with strangers every day.

What’s more important to you, strong-ties or weak-ties?

Week 12 blog post

From reading this week’s article, I learned that forgiveness is not all about just accepting the wrong doings of another individual. It’s about recollection, empathy, altruism, commitment, and holding onto the meaning of the act of forgiveness (REACH model). Before I read this article, I never really considered the factors that go into forgiving someone. I found it really interesting that so much goes into forgiveness, and it’s not just forgetting about what happened and moving on. It’s about learning about the other individual and his/her motives behind the poor act(s) they may have committed.

Forgivness is extremely critical and should be stressed more in today’s society. So many people tend to disregard the real meaning of forgiveness and think it’s easier to choose a darker path such as revenge or forgetting about the person. However, if more people were more immune to just following the basic steps of the REACH Forgiveness Model, the amount of anger and coldness in this world would decrease.

Week 11 Response Post

I thought the topic of the experiment was very interesting due to the fact that i have not seen a study conducted about the differences in character among U.S college students. There wide variety of variables was definitely the most interesting part of this study because of their use of a wide range of people from different backgrounds, upbringings and age. This study showed me that our history shapes our characteristics but they are always subject to change due to experiences that we will have throughout our lives.


Due to the fact that I just recently got out of a long term relationship this article was kinda irritating to read. After getting through this I wish I would have read this week one. The article was eye opening to many different facts about how people connect with each other. I didn’t know that people were more attracted to relationships similar to their parents. Once I read more on this I realized how true that actually is.


Before reading this article I didn’t know anything about mindfulness. Ive done yoga once before with my mom and they talked a lot about mindfulness but I didn’t really understand what that meant. After reading this article I’ve learned that mindfulness has a lot more to do with life rather then just yoga. Mindfulness has to do with everyday life such as jobs, relationships, and Physical well-being.

Health and Academics

Before reading this weeks article I already knew that if you wanted to get good grades then you need to have good study habits and plenty of rest. I wasn’t aware to what extent sleep contributed. I also wasn’t aware that your diet played such a big role. All of this now makes sense to me. If you don’t fully charge your body you can’t preform at the level needed to get good grades. This article was eye opening for me and I’m now going to change my life style choices.

Silver linings for patients with depression?

This was a very informative article for me due to the fact that I’ve never thought of depression as a medical condition.  After reading this I now have a new view on depression. It is unfortunate that this is becoming one of the biggest medical issues globally. Before reading this article I thought that depression was just people being extremely sad for a brief period of time but I now know that it is more complex then just people being sad.

Important Points from Promoting and Protecting Mental Health as Flourishing A complementary Strategy for Improving National Mental Health.

After undergoing the “epidemiological transition,” the United States and other industrialized nations face a rise in mental illnesses. The life expectancy of the average American has increased due to changes in physical health, such as exercise and eating properly, however, because of this “chronic physical diseases and mental disorders” are more prevalent.