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Science of happiness was a very rewarding class and taught me things that I had no prior knowledge on. My favorite topics covered in this class include positive psychology, romantic relationships, forgiveness, and mindfulness. Positive psychology taught me that the goal of this concept is to cure mental illness. However, it is meant to complement no replace the existing understanding of mental and physical health challenges which was mentioned in class. The lesson on romantic relationships was extremely interesting to me because I have a serious relationship and learning improvement strategies is always a plus. I learned that competence in romantic relationships is emergent. I could understand why some traits pertain to those couples that are unhappy. For example, if there is no trust, compassion, jealousy, and trust issues in your relationship then it is likely to not last. I realized that I wanted to have a happy relationship always and therefore those negative traits will never enter my relationship. I am a strong believer in the term “No Trust, No Us”. Forgiveness was a lesson I will never forget because I tend to hold on to things that end up hurting me even more in the long run. I am not a forgiving person but after our guest speaker talked about all the terror he witnessed I realized that there are not worth holding on to. Forgiveness and mindfulness go together for me because letting someone go and letting things go in general can take a toll on your mental health. I think that once I started practicing mindfulness and self-care I could let things go that normally I would hold on to for a long time.

Since I realize now that mindfulness and self-care can go a long way in making you feel good I have made a few changes in my life. For example, every morning I tend to do a silent mediation even if it is for only five minutes, that way I can collect my thoughts and get prepared for the day ahead of me. Another thing I have changed that I want to continue doing is I tend to get sad and down a lot but now I have started doing things that make me feel good, for example, I go to the movies, the beach, dinner with friends, etc. Life is short therefore you need to get out there and do the things you love with the people you love. I learned from this class that we are so focused on the future we tend to neglect the present.

I will gladly pass on the information I have learned in this class to those around me. Mainly, because I know that there are people in my personal social network that need to work on their forgiveness, self-care, and romantic relationships. I do know that it is not my place to tell someone what to do in their relationship so I doubt I will touch that subject but I am not afraid to tell someone when they are in the wrong or when they need to give themselves a little bit of love. I have always been told that no one can love you like you love yourself and that is an important concept to learn I believe. Science of happiness has taught me a tremendous amount of information about myself. I want to take a part two if available because this is information that EVERYONE should know. Your mental, physical, emotional health all matter. It is okay to know that.

I picked the image that says be good to yourself because that was something that this class taught me and I am so thankful for it. I was always so hard on myself prior to this class and I am thankful now that I was able to break out of that. This semester has been a long one but this class always made it go by faster!


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Blog Post #2

Blog Post #2

After writing my first blog post I focused more on the actual lessons that I received in class. For example, I started focusing more on my well being and realized that my mental, physical, and emotional health all go hand in hand. When we discussed self-care I really got into the habit of “checking in” with myself and dedicating the time I deserve to myself.

Romantic relationships was an important topic for me because I had gone through a very toxic relationship a few years back and I really wish I would have had taken this class back then. I would have better understood why my relationship was in fact so toxic. However, I am now in a long-term, healthy, and loving relationship and I feel amazing. After talking about romantic relationships I realized how black and white essential skills are in order to have a successful relationship.

I really am enjoying this class and there is always something new to learn. I feel as though the things I have learned I will always value and it would be awesome if there was another advanced section to this class. I would definitely take it. In my first blog post I feel as though I had learned lessons but it was so new that I hadn’t had the chance to actually apply them. I recommend that every student goes through this class. You get so much out of it that will be an incredible asset to your future.

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first 4 weeks

first 4 weeks


When I entered this class I had no idea what to expect. I remember my advisor suggested it and told me it was a very popular class. I decided to take it and I LOVE it. It is a very interesting class and it offers way more than I thought I would get out of this class. For example, our first assignment dealt with the Keyes flourishing scale and it was a pretty cool assignment. I already know I am a happy person and I usually have very good days so it was cool to show that on that scale.

I think another thing I really love about this class is the mediation that we do in the beginning of each class. I now tell my boyfriend that he should do a little silent mediation each morning because it really does help. The days I don’t have this class I still do a silent mediation because it is nice to get yourself together and then begin your day. Highly recommend that everyone do something to center themselves each morning even if it isn’t mediation.

I really enjoy group discussions because they are so free and honest. We are all talking together and relating things to each other and it is nice to know that we all have something in common. One of the most important things I have taken from this class is that positive psychology is meant to complement the existing understanding of mental and physical health challenges, not replace it.

I am extremely happy I took this class because I know that everything I am learning in this class I can actually apply it to my daily life. I already do that as it is.

I look forward to the rest of this semester and learning more about myself!

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