Week 14

This topic was very convenient and relatable because it spoke on positive psychology at a University which is what were all currently going through. I do agree that a positive environment can affect a person over all wellbeing. Ill admit, before discovering science of Happiness, I did not know classes like this existed. I am very proud of VCU and other schools that take this into consideration and want to fix mental illness. I really love how they took the time to create a chart that explicitly shows where Positivity can be shown at a university.  One thing I can say is that a lot of VCU students do not know about the SOH course. I remember me telling people about it this awesome course and how you learn so much about how to live a healthy lifestyle. I did not know as much about mindfulness and meditation until taking this course, which I am so glad I did. I wish people understood the importance of happiness and how an uplifting mood can help one get through a lot. 


What do you all think about positivity on campus? Do you feel like it could be implemented more? Do you feel if we started a happiness club then students would really gain from that? Share your thoughts! 

social interactions

This article has to be by far my favorite because it talks about my favorite topic, socializing. I learned some new things from reading this article that Ive never opened my eyes to before. Ofcourse were all aware of our close and far relationship with peoples but I never realized their importance. I liked the example they used about the barista or the neighbor, these are all small interactions that play a big role in our lives without realizing. They may be minuscule in our eyes, but could you imagine your life without these slight conversations with these weak ties? I do agree that these small ties do improve our positive psychology because every person is a new conversation. It allows your mind to wander and explore new things and changes the mindset for you. It was reported that the people who interacted with classmates were seemed to be more happier.

What do you think? Do you think these small ties in your everyday life contribute to your overall happiness? Do you see yourself just as happy without these weak ties and small conversations?


Forgiveness is something I definitely have trouble with. I know from experience that it takes much courage, maturity, and bravery to forgive. I know depending on the severity of the issue of course, forgiveness takes time and patience. I don’t believe age or experience has much to do with how long it can take someone to forgive because everyone emotions are different and move at their own pace.  I wasn’t aware of how deep and complicated forgiveness could be or the history and process behind it. This article did some really good studying on mastering forgiveness and all its many ways. I know personally I have a hard time forgiving people but I’m thankful for the fact that I’ve never been through a traumatic experience before. I can only imagine the forgiveness process for those who must deal with an offender in their life. I believe that happiness and freedom shall reach the victims if they have patience and follow the steps of forgiveness with a lot of patience. Forgive and forget may not always be the case because our hearts can forgive but our minds may not be able to forget.


What do you all think? Do you think that someone can truly be free from an event in their past and be able to forgive themselves and the offender? Do you believe in forgiving and forgetting?


Difference in character among U.S. College students

The article we read this week was something I never thought I would have thought of learning on my own. It really explained the importance and the difference in characters in people but especially in college kids. One thing I appreciated and respected from this experiment is how much knowledge they gathered about the person for the exam. I feel as though that helped with getting more accurate results.  I was never taught that certain characteristics depend on a persons age or gender or race. I didn’t know that some categories were prone to certain traits and behavior and I found that to be super interesting. I do believe that if we applied these results or teachings much earlier in the lives, peoples behavior would change over time. I believe people could have developed habits or traits or good characteristics with maturity and age if we have done this earlier.


what do you all think? do you believe this is more accurate than the ” Myer Biggs’ Personality quiz? Also, do you guys think that if someone were to have a conversation with someone anonymously, do you think they could guess their race, gender, or age simply based of their conversation and what they thought of that individuals character?

Substance Use and Disorders

This article was very interesting and taught me many new things. I felt a personal connection and more understanding of this topic because I’ve seen the use and abuse of drugs growing up with people in my life. I always understand the mere basics of drug abuse ad how it begin but I didn’t know the science or history behind how it all starts.  It spoke mainly on the process of adolescents and drug abuse and addiction. I do agree that the early on someone discovers a substance, he will use it for a longer duration of time and create a form of dependency on this substance. If someone is introduced to anything at an early age,  it may and will affect their future. These individuals may grow up and experience higher depression and anxiety levels than those don’t use drugs.  The use of drugs also affects the chemical balances in your brain and can change an individuals thought process or behavior. Due to the bodies familiarity with the substance, withdrawal can be very hard for certain people. I learned that when the need for a substance interferes with your daily life routine and habits, is when something is called an addiction.  Thinking back to myself and others I’ve seen growing up with substance abuse, this article has helped me understand much more clearly.

Do you believe that one can get over substance abuse and change their ways after many years of use without professional help? Do you believe that substance abuse only happens to those that suffer internal problems or mental illnesses, or can it be a self inflicted problem?



Close relationships

I really enjoyed this article because I feel as though it confirmed a lot of my previous thoughts. I always knew that the way someone behaves or talks is due to their upbringing because that is their first impression to human interaction. The way one was raised and their family play a huge role in their attitude and personality when they get older. The relationships you build with people in the future are going to be based off what you’ve seen or known from your own household and your own experiences. One thing though, I was never aware of the science behind relationships. I didn’t know the detail behind the categories and the way relationships are structured and how can they change throughout your life and time.

I could say this weeks topic might be one of my top 3 favorites. How about the rest of you all? Were you all already aware of the in depth science behind relationships?

Contemplating Mindfulness at work

This article was very interesting and super beneficial. I had previously learned about mindfulness and awareness through anxiety a couple years ago. I learned the importance of it and how calm and relaxed it can leave your mind and soul. I found it really fascinating that jobs and big corporations actually incorporate this into their work. For example, Google, Aetna, Mayo Clinic and the US army use mindfulness training for a better work environment. mindfulness can come off as useless if you don’t understand its definition and its purpose. Mindfulness is present-centered- attention and awareness, basically to stop everything your doing and to live and feel in the now and nothing else. Some techniques that help with mindfulness is meditation, which can be done anywhere at anytime. The way mindfulness helps with human functioning is through attention, cognition, and Emotion, and behavior. Mindfulness is a very important tool that each individual should master in their lifetime to overall improve their work place and quality of life.


Have any of you taught yourself the art of mindfulness and have seen a major difference in your lives? Do you think mindfulness can calm a lot of out major anxiety/depression problems?

Positive Psychology

I really enjoyed reading this article about psychology because I learned a lot of new material. The author talks about different perspectives on positive emotions and the life long affects it can have on a person. Growing up, we wee always told to look at the bright side and see the light at the end of tunnel. For some people, that was an easy task but then we come across people with depression and for them its not too easy.  This article explained to us the biological and scientific reasons behind these emotions and how our minds register emotions. I did not know the positive emotions broaden the scopes of attention and cognition and enable flexible and creative thinking. I also learned new exercises that can help trigger positive thinking or reduce and slow down the negative thinking process. For example, relaxation techniques are known to reduce high blood pressure in adults which is amazing.

What do you all think? Do you believe that positive emotions can reduce the risk of disease in the future? Do you believe these positive thinking techniques can help those with chronic depression?


I learned many new things from reading, Silver Linings for patients with depression, written by Michael Gross. Some things I already knew because some people in my life do suffer from depression? I found it very interesting but not surprising to read that the depression rates are  twice as high now since the 1980’s. The world is changing at a much faster and demanding pace and I feel as though the people do not know how to handle this. I do strongly agree that the more wealthy are more depressed because of their demanding envious lifestyle they must maintain. Society is putting forth so much energy on our desires that they are not focusing enough on what the people need. Its quite sad and unfortunate to hear that some people feel as though taking their life is the only way out of this. Yes, us as people need to work on loving each other more and supporting each other than bringing one another down. Hateful comments and speaking on what you know nothing on can come off as offensive and rude to those hurting. I feel as though the main issue with mental illness and the world is a mixture of selfishness and carelessness. If society didn’t only think about themselves and cared a little more about one another then the world would slightly be a more peaceful place to live with people from all kinds.