Crossing the Threshold

This semester I have been working so hard to uphold my grades as well as myself. I remember when I signed up for this class I was so excited to see the changes it was going to make in my life. As I reflect back on  the first weekly reading, I learned that I was not flourishing as a human being. According to the Keyes scale I was languishing and I was not satisfied with my results, so with this classes help I decided to change those results. I noticed that from the scale we took the first week of classes that I always look at the negative things in life and not so much the positive aspects. I knew that this class could change my outlook on life and how I saw myself as a person. The first topic that impacted my life was mindfulness. I have never felt so stress free and happy just by saving a couple of minutes for myself daily. Where I could just be Givenchy without thinking about my pile of homework, what’s in my bank account, what meetings I have to go to or, paying for my tuition. There is so much that passes through a college student’s brain on the daily basis, but mindfulness has brought along an escape outlet. I now have a routine to uplift myself and stay positive even when things aren’t going my way. Science of Happiness is a class that should be a requirement, because everyone wants to be happy and succeed mentally.  Another topic that changed my mindset was positive psychology.  “Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.” Positive psychology was founded on the belief that people want to live  meaningful and fulfilling lives, and to capture what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences. I feel as if I have definitely learned how to appreciate life more and conquer my problems rather than letting them consume me. I am pretty confident that mindfulness and the impact of positive psychology will continue to be apart of me.

Additionally, I plan on spreading the information I have learned in this class with my family and VCU peers . I have had the opportunity to grasps onto so much beneficial information in this particular class. I will say that the final project helped me reach out to people in the community and also to my peers about what I have learned in this course. Also my social media post every week have been helping people and to see their comments makes me feel like I’m giving back in a sense. I am appreciative that I could render information to help others that also helped me. I have come to the conclusion that I can share the information by telling others and also sharing my group project as a visual learning aid. I haven’t quite reached the level of happiness I want, but this is a growing process. I am willing to perfect my positive outlook on life, my meditation, and yoga moves.This class has been a true blessing to me. I would recommend this course to anyone because happiness is something that can’t be bought but can be taught. I look forward to growing within and becoming who I have always dreamed to be.

“Happiness isn’t Expensive”

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Second BlogPost


It is unbelievable that the semester is coming to a close; which means this class is almost over.  I have accumulated so much information from this class and I’ve applied it to my everyday life.  A lot of the topics relate or coincide with each other such as mindfulness and campus resources.  We touched the topic of mindfulness and how it can put you in the present moment. VCU campus resources play a key role in mindfulness somewhat, because they offer another outlet or resource as an release.  I have gained an abundant amount of information that has helped me cope with life. Mindfulness truly helped me with my school work and my personal life. I practice mindfulness so I wont become so overwhelmed with school and organization meetings. I have been making positive changes in my life since this class. I plan on keeping these changes in my life and building upon them. I plan to keep mindfulness as apart of my everyday life habits and trying to be more healthy.  I am looking forward to see what else is going to happen in this class in the next month.

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First Four Weeks

How can I achieve happiness in this world full of struggles,daily hassles, and unfair trials.  The Science of Happiness is something that is new on the market seeking to help individuals find their rightful place within themselves. Happiness can be found anywhere whether it is through mindfulness, music, writing in  an journal, or even doing yoga. Also, happiness can also be fulfilled by helping other individuals around you; to fill the void of sadness or emptiness. The Key’s Model of Mental Health is a great self assessment to see where your happiness is on the average scale. The scale depicts whether an individual is flourishing or languishing in a sense. These words coincide for how good we feel about our lives, or how we are functioning in life .

Additionally, it is surprising that our genetics can effect our emotions or mental health. Genetics has a huge impact on how we are mentally stable as well as our environment. Mental illnesses can be passed down from generation to generation, but they can be prevented through psychological help and a healthy lifestyle. Anxiety, depression, bipolar one, or bipolar two disorder can be genetically passed down . Also the debate between nature and nurture comes into play. Our outside life or home environment can influence us in a positive way or a negative way.

However, positive psychology can be used as a second win. Positive psychology is there to turn all of the negative intellectual thoughts into good ones. The acronym P.E.R.M.A., is an process to increase flourishing and well being. Positive psychology can decrease anxiety, depression, and stress. Positive psychology, a good environment, and a self authorized plan can increase individual happiness.