Positive University

The article “Towards a positive university” is a great thing for all college students and professors to read. I think everyone would agree that having a positive spirit around a campus improves productivity. If everyone around you is striving for the same goal of education and learning, your motivation will come much easier. So why do we have to read about this? Shouldn’t people be kind and motivating without us having to tell them? Yes, they should, but it involves reminders. We need to educate people of the impact of kindness so they are thinking about it on a daily basis. We need to teach every incoming freshman the effort required to have a positive campus.

I enjoyed the section of this article “Positive education in the local community”. I think is relates to VCU very well because of how inter-twined the school population and the surrounding community are. At a school like this, it is so easy to affect the greater community that surrounds us. That is why it is our job to spread the word about positive psychology and the impact on kindness. I feel that Richmond is already a positive place with lots of energy. We need to continue to teach our community about how to be more productive as a whole.

Sandstrom & Dunn

I think this weeks reading is a great representation of what we do in this class on a weakly basis. We are always talking with someone new and opening up about ourselves through activities. Although we may not think about the value in this or realize its immediate benefit, these interactions play a big role in our lives. Weak-tie interactions help us feel accepted in our community. They bring out the shy people with minimal effort.

I feel that strong-tie interactions and weak-tie interactions benefit us in different ways. We are used to the strong-tie interactions and we expect them to happen. If those do not happen then it brings down our mood. I feel that we don’t expect the weak-tie interactions as much, so when it does happen it is a pleasant surprise.


Forgiveness is a very hard thing to master. Many people hold on to grudges for a long period of time. A good thing to realize is that everyone makes mistakes. When you make a mistake, you hope to be forgiven for that mistake. So when someone hurts you in some way, you have to realize that it could’ve been a mistake. Holding on to a grudge is only holding yourself back. If you let that other person’s wrongdoing affect you, you are letting them win. The quicker you are able to forgive and forget, the better you will feel.

I think for anyone that has dealt with a grudge, you know that it brings stress and anxiety. All you want to do is figure out how to get closure with the situation. The key is to realize that forgiveness is the most effective way to find closure. Once you can release those bad thoughts from your mind, thinking about the situation less and less each day, you will find peace quicker than you ever expected.

What are some ways that help you cope with hard situations?


WEEK 11 differences in character

I think this article is very important to learn about at a young age. Growing up we are judged on a regular basis. Whether it be in school, sports, clubs, or even within our own family. I think is a great advantage to know your personal strengths. This also helps you realize that you aren’t going to be great at everything without practice. Knowing your strengths allows you to consciously think about them and work to improve those strengths. It is very important that we strive to enhance the strengths we are already good at as well as the ones we aren’t. I would like to know more about if character strengths come from your parents or if they are learned. Can we train humans so have certain character strengths?

Conrad WEEK 10

I think that substance abuse is a very important topic to learn about while on a college campus. During this period of our lives, there are many different reasons why students would turn to substances. This is why it is important to talk about drug use more than we already do. I feel that college campuses are a place where drug prevention is talked about often. That is because drug use is so prevalent on campuses and needs to be even further addressed. Anxiety and stress are some reasons why students might try different substances. If we keep working towards lowering stress levels and helping with anxiety, the lowering of drug abuse will follow effortlessly. I think that having a more positive and caring vibe around campus could help this issue more then people think.

As kids start experimenting at a younger and younger age, it is our job to inform them at a younger age. The earlier we can help them realize that substances are bad, the better.

What are some simple but effective ways to prevent drug use on campus?

WEEK 9, Close Relationships

I think the article “Interdisciplinary Research On Close Relationships” is a very important thing to learn about in this time of our lives. A lot of us are shifting from fun, more relaxed relationships, to searching for more serious relationships. We need to be educated on what it takes to have a successful relationship if we plan to have long-term partners. There are certain characteristics that make a relationship strong. If we can work towards making those characteristics our strengths, we will have a better chance of growing a strong relationship.

I do feel that the relationships you have with your friends and family growing up affect your outlook on serious relationships later in life. If your parents got along at home and if you had good relationships with friends growing up, you will be more open to joining a new relationship. For the opposite, if you didn’t have very good relationships growing up with your parents or friends, you might have some doubts when joining new relationships.

Do you guys have any advise or tips to keeping strong, healthy relationships?

WEEK 8, Mindfulness at work


Having good relationships in a work place is key for worker satisfaction. If you go into work everyday and don’t like your colleagues, how are you going to enjoy your job? Most of the time I think of mindfulness on the personal level and how it can benefit myself. I enjoyed this article because it brought mindfulness into a group activity. If everyone in a workplace practices mindfulness, then that workplace will be more mindful as a whole. This will benefit relationships inside the workplace as well as productivity and employee happiness. We can relate this to any group that works together. If you are in an environment that shows love and support, you are definitely going to be more productive and grow stronger relationships. This is something that every leader of a group should stress, from work, to sports teams, to in the classroom.

What is one easy way to grow better relationships at work?


This article was very interesting to me. I would’ve never thought that short term emotions could actually effect you over time. This shows why it is so important to control your emotions on a daily basis.  You must find things to be happy about everyday. If you take everything negatively and never try to find the silver linings in bad situations, your mental health will suffer over time. Being stressed just puts pressure on your mind and body and it is not necessary most of the time. We need to be mentally stronger as humans and realize what were doing to ourselves. I think that this new wave of positive psychology and mental health teaching will really benefit us as humans if it continues to grow.

Health and Academic Performance

There are many distractions in college that can effect how much sleep you get every night. Especially as a freshman adjusting to this new way of living, Its easy to get out of a schedule. When you can learn how to manage your time effectively, your productivity definitely improves. If you set aside designated times to go to the library each week you won’t get behind on school work and have to stay up late. I do think that sleep is more important then studying that extra hour. I am also a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you sleep in and skip breakfast, your body doesn’t have the energy it needs to start your day. Energy from a good nights rest and a proper breakfast will start your day off on the right foot every morning so you can be the most productive.

Gross, 2014

This article was a little weird to me. I couldn’t believe that the death of a celebrity like Robin Williams was the event that had to occur for people to look deeper into depression. Depression is such a hard thing to understand. You could know someone their whole life and not know they had any issues until they do something drastic. People hide their depression which is probably the worst thing you can do. The only way to get better is to let the people around you help.

It is crazy that a machine can actually effect your brain like the TMS therapy. That invention is so amazing. Using drugs for brain issues can’t be the best way to go about things. For the people that have tried drugs and are not effected, this technology is life changing. I’m intrigued to see what advances in this field happen within the next couple years.

Positive Psychology

The authors of this article talked a lot about controlling your own mental health and happiness. You need to start by having a good outlook on life to have happiness in your daily life. I liked how they talked about having a relaxed perception on life while still being realistic. There are tragedies in life that you can’t ignore just because you don’t feel like dealing with it. You have to be realistic with the world thats happening around you and still be able to escape in your own mind and find peace.

I also liked how the authors talked about finding your strengths and mastering those strengths. Success and improvement in anything brings positivity. You need to hone in the things you do the best, and the things you love to do the most. People need optimism. Believing in a bright future will bring actions that lead to a bright future. Everyone has room to improve somewhere, we just need to start working towards it.