Blog Post #3

I think the major lessons I learned from this class were how to effectively deal with my own stress of everyday life to promote living a healthier and happier life over all. For example, the lesson on forgiveness was really important when to came to the personal relationships in my life. I felt so much better just giving the issues to God and knowing the everything will find a way to work out in the end. I always try to control things to work in my favor but that’s not always possible and sometimes forgiving someone is better for yourself than it is to hold on to the negative emotions associated with that person or situation.  If Dr. Worthington was able to forgive his mother’s killer and forgive himself after his brothers death, than can forgive others for their wrong doings and myself for my own.

Having the knowledge of how and why practices like mediation and mindfulness work give me more of a desire to actually practice them more consciously. Mindfulness especially is helpful to keep me from reacting emotionally versus rationally. I do tend to be quick to react of emotion when its anger. Reacting irrationally on anger is not something that is appropriate especially in the work place. So just knowing that I do have a way to calm myself down is enough to commit it. I have really been struggling with anxiety this semesters so committing myself to meditation has been hard. I’ve made more of an effort to meditate before I go to bed because I know it does help me unwind from stress built up through out the day. However, I still need to make more of an effort to use small moments in the day like walking to class to keep the stress at a lower level through the whole day.

I think just sharing a quick tip over twitter is the best way to spread the word. Twitter as a whole has seemed to develop a community that’s really interested in self growth. Having a factual basis behind the concepts make them more valid. Science of Happiness this semester has been a journey of self growth to make the effort to be a happier person because it is in my control. A lot of people just think that their happiness is solely dependent of their life circumstances but we can find the happiness we seek within our own selves.

Image Citation: Deschene, Lori . Digital image. Tiny Buddha. N.p., n.d. Web.

Blog post #1

Blog post #1

I found it really interesting how the topics over the last few weeks are interconnected.  The flourishing scale can help use gauge our mental health whether we are affected by mental illnesses or not. It was still a very valuable tool to have an idea on your own level on mental health.

Mental health doesn’t mean being able to deal with the effects of a mental illness.  Its usually assumed that taking care of mental health is the same of taking care of a mental illness. Its also assumed that people with mental illness can’t be happy. The Keys Flourishing Scale shows that people with and without mental illness can have poor mental health and good mental health.

The lectures about mental illnesses and about genetics both heighten awareness genetic predispositions of mental illnesses. It was surprising to me that people can have feelings of depression without being diagnosed  or be can candidate to be diagnosed with depression. The subject that stood out the most during our lectures with Dr. Sood was panic attacks.

The topic of panic attacks leads into the most valuable lectures to me so far which we the mindfulness lectures. I’ve practiced mindfulness before this class and before coming to VCU, however I’ve been neglecting those practices. It wasn’t until after feeling the onset of a panic attack while in the lecture about them and having one after class, that I realized how important mindfulness really is.

During my panic attack my first instinct was to focus on the anxiety I was feeling and panicking more at the fact that I was having a panic attack. It was a moment of being distracted and catching my breath that enabled me to calm myself down.

These practices of mindfulness as well as catching my thoughts helped me during a time that my first thoughts were ” I can’t do this. I need help”.

All I needed was some self reassurance, telling myself to breathe and change my focus. Then the problem of panicking became smaller and smaller until it was gone.