We as human being are social creature and we don’t realize how just staying something to another human being will effect them in the craziest way. And how a person you talk to everyday will effect that person if you just stop talking to them. How they will feel and how it effect their everyday life. For example a old friend of mine that everyday i had lunch with got into a argument with me and that follow Monday walking from class to head to lunch I reach to get my phone to text him asking him we he already there for lunch totally forgetting that we had a falling out. We as a race are social creatures and we don’t that talking to certain people have force us into routine check up on each other to see what the other person is doing at that time and place. So the idea that we can’t live allowed and are habit to talk to other people i totally agree with that statement.


As an adolescence having the ability to get in contact with drugs and alcohol within and arm reach is something that scares me and should scare the living day lights out of everyone. Some do these things either because they are pressure into doing these thing and cant find away to stop or they  are going through something and  don’t know how to express themselves without drinking or doing drugs to run away from the pain.  When going into the college with a clear slate you find yourself sometime struggle and having nothing to depend on and finding yourself feeling depress. Hearing from other people that just having a drink or just smoking relax them and then were able to care down and focus back on their study will cause them to do the same thing. An then you find yourself trying it out and realizing that you enjoy that feeling and then you contuine that method until you lose control and forget where it all started


You mind is a powerful thing and what you feel how you see things and your outlook on things will lead to have you express certain things.  In this  article it talks about the mind and how the mind process everything into either emotions or thoughts to have to decide what you next move will be or what you are going to change in you life to change to make it better or worst.  Saying that all it ties together: the work place, the mind, and positive psychology, all taking a part of how you act on it i don’t believe is all true. The only reason I say this is. is for the simple face you place of work and be the worst place in the world but because you have such a positive outlook on life you don’t see it that why and you look at it as if it all sun shine and rainbows. Your place of business can have a positive energy but you can be a negative Nancy and just make other people feel down about themselves and in return have then wish they didn’t work there.  So i don’t feel like its a complete circle but it has some stop within it that cause you to question some things an have you would if this is the right thing to do.


In this article related to positive psychology and how it relates to a person emotion I feel like this article sum it up pretty well. Because if someone is expose to positive emotion then in return they will express the same thing. It can change the meanest person into a sweet heart of they are expose it. For a negative one you’ll get a negative reaction it just how are we likely to take that emotion. If someone is giving the emotion of fear then it may make another person reaction to cause them to run or hide. Emotion and actions play a huge part of what makes us human and how we deal with certain things in out lives.

Gross 2014

After reading this article about depression it make you think and ask yourself, ” Are you in a state of depression.”  Reading this article and other articles I lean towards the fact that you aren’t doomed to depression because what life has place on your plate. If you lost your job, you significant other has left you, or someone that is close to you has die then I understand the fact that you have a state of depression and it going to be hard to break from that. After reading different articles I strongly believe you yourself have a huge factor of whether or not you wanted to look for happiness in the world or you are going to let depression you and have the better half of things.  I also believe in that having certain mental illness can take a toll on you and have a huge impact of how you deal with depression and what ill have to do to yourself mentally throughout the hold thing.  And depending on certain factors I don’t think medication will always works and take you depression away. I’ll numb it and alone you to get through your day but I don’t think that the best way to approach it.

Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000

In this article I truly believe for a child to have a positive live they must be expose to positive psychology. If the child is open to it then they would want to express that feeling to others and welcome them to a warm environment.  For me I believe it all start with the heart of the family and is spreader out to the children. A child is less likely to treat other as if they are have less worth if the parents and family member of that child are welcoming. In my household when a child is born into the family everyone shows them love and companion for the simple fact in the world today you really don’t get that feeling from others. So in raising a child that is what they need to be exposed to so they know that  when the world is treating you wrong you family has you. and when they are have that in their heart they are willing to grow up with it and have a better life. They would have a better attitude  and see life in a better way

Dick, Adkins & Kuo

Before reading this I though it would was just another story about adolescence finding a way to let to escape reality and the things around it as much as possible. How that if your mother or father was an alcoholic then most likely you will turn into one. When really it just the mind set that you have poison yourself with. You start feeling down and feeling like your life is a mistake.  So you start drinking to numb the pain. At first it was just one drink a week and then it turns into a shot right before bed and in the morning just to make it through the day. You start to feeling like it the only thing that can help you make it through and then you start to blame your alcoholic mother or father and have yourself believe you will end up like them give up. You never take the time to try to figure out what happen before all of this and what things around you lead you to this morning. You never take incounter maybe it was were friends that were always drunk at any waking moment. Or someone peer pressuing you to just take a slip that ended to being the whole bottle. You have to let the pass go and head towards the future and realize there will always be things around that wants to pull you down that downward spiral. The thing is what are you going to do to change it.

Keyes 2007

In this reading assignment you start to understand that the mind has a powerful affect on some people. When dealing with a mental illness or having something happen to you in your life to the point the mind  take over the body and you no longer have the ability to feel comfort.  In the research that’s been done for this, you see that its  a common thing for someone to be mental unstable. That it can happen to anyone at any time, Its not that you are crazy that is just a way of life. At first I thought that you had to be born with something wrong mentally to go down a downwards spiral of depression, leading to other things. Never did I think, I would go down that downward spiral my senior year of high school. It made me think twice before judge others.