I think well-being is extremely important because to me it dictates your entire life and the things you do with it. Well-being is about being content and satisfied, but it definitely doesn’t mean perfection. Everyone has obstacles to get through, and I think that working your best to get through them contributes greatly to your own well-being. When I know that I’m working hard and/or challenging myself, I have a greater sense of well-being because dedication is something that makes me happy. Health is also something that contributes to well-being. Taking care of yourself is so important and if one fails to do that, I think that everything you do from then on is greatly affected by your lack of good health. Having strong relationships and personal connections with others is also something that greatly contributes to your own well-being because for me it’s just nice to know that people are there. Well-being is about doing the things you love and being successful at them whether it’s mental or physical.