Positive Minds

This article relates to our class in so may aspects that strive for students to have positive lives and minds . It engages the student to develop positive techniques in all the aspects of their lives and as a result become a happier and successful person . I believe one of the strongest techniques used in the positive education is the involvement and team work with students from different backgrounds that would never met before probably otherwise . I hope the positive education  flow would be part of The university curriculum in many countries and all the United States

Difference in Characters

I believe that in like all research studies there is space for error . But the different characters of the college students they tested have a lot similarities in common . The vast majority of college students are experiences the world as they become adults as well so the way they take in all the learning is very different compared to older individuals . The characteristics that were resemble the least by college students were humility ,gratitude kindness among other . These characteristics I believe are traits that you learn as go through life and are involved in situations that bring out these traits the most like relationships , friendships etc . I experienced these traits evolving in my day to day life as I got older and determined to go back to school and finish my career . And definitely did not experience the same characteristics outcome  as the first time I enrolled at VCU.

Would different experiences bring out the same character traits the second time around ?

Substance Use Disorders

The article  proves the correlation of  age and the intake and abuse of illegal or legal drugs at different stages of adolescence. As well as the different  areas of the brains affected by such .  is proven that there are social as well as genetic factors that play a big roll in the way that we react to certain situations . The studies have proven that inviduals that start at a very young age using drugs have higher cortisol production and therefore more likely to experience depression and anxiety at higher levels . In my opinion the majority of the people abusing illegal and legal substances have deeper internal issues and are disconnected from the rest of society .

In many cases this correlation of mental issues and drug abuse are consequences of self medication predisposed by the individual.what are ways that as society we can reach out to this group of people that suffer SUD  and provide help ?


week 8 post

As i read the tittle of mindfulness at work i thought of the times that i worked hard to preserve the great quality of service the company was accredited for .But after i read it i understood more about great character at work and how we developed it at work through being mindful that helps control our emotions and the ability to have greater work  performance  .I have experienced mindfulness when i worked for a Pediatrics office that required me to be mindful and represent the Doctor in every situation  and being mindful how my actions and decisions during work could have affected another human being. Is mentioned in the article how using recreational time could help the individual being more mindful in their workplace.Why most of employers are not interested into incorporating recreational time for their employees ?

Positive Psychology

As a Psychology major student it is fascinating to read about farther studies and research done that proves how different responses are created in our brain  from experiencing positive and negative emotions .Positive emotions are more like to be remembered for longer period of time instead of the negative ones react in shorter periods of time . In a way is described as a replacement of the bad emotions for the good emotions .