williamsonvs blog 2

  1. In week 5, we learned about automatic thoughts. I learned about how not to worry about emotions as much. Risk factors include depression, loneliness, lack social support, and family history. Another thing I learned is how to regulate emotions. One thing that is different between automatic thoughts and regulating emotions is that regulating emotions is trying when you try to explain your feelings to someone else. Automatic thoughts are thoughts that you are not considering as much as you should. I also learned about appreciating foods by holding a single raisin. I learned about how to use my five senses when trying to appreciate it. I never really eat a single raisin by itself. I think that it was really weird for me to hold a raisin by itself because I appreciated the single raisin and it created happiness. I had sympathy for people who don’t have food everyday.


2.I have learned how to do meditation everyday to release some of my stress. I have learned how to regulate my emotions in my  everyday life. I have learned how to take track of my sleep for everyday life.

3.Yes, I am working on my negative thoughts and processing negative things people say to me. I am trying just to ignore the negative things people say as much as I can without saying someting back to them. I know that I cannot change other people and I cannot allow other people and things to control me, so it has inspired me to make changes. I decided to take control of my thoughts and I don’t allow other people to be in control of me.