Relationships With Yourself And Others

Relationships. These are the first things you ever form in life, even before you yourself are completely formed. Even when you are just an idea in your parents’ minds, they already have formed a bond with you. No matter how you are or who you are they already love you unconditionally. This first relationship helps form how you interact with people in your lives and connect with them.

Your competence in romantic relationships is highly related to early childhood experiences and how both your parents go about their relationships, marriage, etc.  The attachment perspective is the most statistically significant influencing factor, which was absolutely baffling to me because I always thought we were more modeled after our parents and learned most of our practices from them.

Weeks 5-10 focused not only one relationships in the romantic sense, but also increased general awareness of ones self and personal characteristics that help form our identities. The traits that make us who are we are more influential than I thought, seeing as how they may be ted into harmful habits like substance abuse in excess. I learned that traits, along with everything in life has to be in moderation.

Mindfulness manages to slip its way into yet another discussion, but this time with one about yoga and physical movement. The integration of mindfulness into calming activities such as yoga allows you to better your benefits gained from just one of these components alone. The mindfulness activity ta the gym was extremely fun for me because it forced me to just relax and be present for much longer than a mere 5 minutes. I’ve learned that I need to practice a mindfulness technique for at least 30 minutes or so for it to actually be effective because of how much my mind wanders and how I just start doing it well each session when I hit the end of my set time. Longer is better, but that’s just for me and it varies so much from person to person! Finding your ideal time span is key.


Grabbing the Intangible

Happiness. The word itself conjures up completely different images all depending on the unique individual. Even then, moments later, they may define the exact same word again as something entirely different. It’s this beauty that keeps us constantly striving to achieve it, despite all its fluidity.

The first few weeks of the class have been rather eye-opening. Until this semester I had never spent time reflecting on events throughout the day or testing myself and how I am moving along in life as with the Keyes’ flourishing scale. I was pleased to see that I was flourishing, but there is definitely still room for improvement and I feel like I’ve taken on a new outlook in trying to better myself after using it. I personally see the function of this scale as giving you a baseline test and causing you to try to better yourself regardless of the result, because while happiness itself is intangible, it gives you something to see in numbers and on paper. This will help you to see yourself differently and in a more positive light.

The most important thing I’ve learned so far has to be epigenetics and the changes that can arise just from a simple trigger in the environment. It fascinates me to see how things can be so easily passed down just from one generation and changed in the next due to the experiences of the one passing it on. In school we are taught about how long evolution takes so it just baffles me how easily it can happen so easily and so observably.

The mindfulness practices are slowly finding their way into my everyday routine and lifestyle just because It feels as though I can focus on something truly important to ME. It feels great to be able to just focus on the present and myself rather than focusing on a screen and doing things that aren’t of any interest because after all…YOU should be your greatest interest!

Society makes it far to easy to lose track of what actually matters in life. We create all these material possessions and create our own obligations that just draw us further away from ourselves and our own wellbeing. It’s honestly sad because our physical health is so important but mental health is never considered to be that important. Everyone will say mind over matter but they don’t realize the importance of the mind when it comes to health and that the two have to work together in order to be happy. Regardless of happiness’ nature of change, the best thing to remember is to be present and remain at peace with yourself.