SOH: Blog Post #3

This year went fast, and I’m honestly sad to see Science of Happiness go.  This class gave me great information on positive psychology and how I can incorporate different aspects of it into my daily life. From this class, the most meaningful things  I’ve incorporated into my life were the guided meditation and yoga, information from our healthy relationship section, and information from our eat, move, sleep. As for why, these topics have actually helped me either physically or psychologically, personally and professionally. Personally, when I started logging what I ate, when I slept, what I did physically; I started losing weight and I honestly felt happier, and professionally, when simply just meditating, I was able to relieve any stress/anxiety I felt. These topics are sort of intertwined if you think about it. For example guided meditation and yoga can ultimately help foster and grow mindfulness in an individual, as well as healthy eating/relationships; but, healthy eating/relationships can help foster positive psychological feelings in an individual. Honestly,

In the article Health-Related Variables and Academic Performance Among First-Year College Students:Implications for Sleep and Other Behaviors  written by Mickey T. Trockel, Michael D. Barnes, and Dennis L. Egget, they write about how college students who have later wake up times statistically have lower GPAs, In their study, they look at several variables(exercise,sleep, nutrition) in college students and figured that good nutrition, moderate exercise, and good sleep hygiene is essential for a high GPA (). In class, Dr. Mountcastle seemed to echo those points put forth in the article. She talks about the need for choosing a healthier option when picking your food, although she did mention that longer sleepers did have higher GPAs compared to their shorter sleeping brethren.

Honestly I’m not a social creature, I made a fake Facebook account for the social media posts and it’s completely bare. I don’t really do social media and I’m probably not gonna be posting on Snapchat about what I’ve learned in this class, no offense. However, I do have a close-knit group of friends who have other friends and I’m sure that if I tell my friends about this class/these aspects, social contagion may kick in and maybe my influence will spread. A girl can dream though.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To anyone reading this: Thanks for reading my post, and thanks for being a good classmate. Have a Good Summer!


Blog Post 2

The past few weeks in SOH has been a pretty fun/eye-opening adventure in many different areas of discussion; such as addiction, positive relationships, and we even went and practiced some yoga! So far the best class ever! Even though the topics seems random, they do have a common thread; the topics seem to deal with the topic of the relationship between you and yourself. The topics both give positive tips and tricks to strengthen your positive identity and relieve stress and show negative aspects of not having a strong inner identity. For example; with  Dr. Vassileva’s lecture on the relationship of personality traits and drug addiction, she both talks about the negative aspects of a weak inner identity and gives tips on how one could help with anxiety and thus build a stronger positive identity. In all, these last 10 weeks have helped me to gain some insight about myself: like how I can better regulate emotions/stress and how to strengthen my inner positive identity. I’ve made two changes in my life due to this class and they were mostly inspired by the yoga/7 day challenge and the eat.sleep.move week of the class. They were beneficial in both stress management and weight loss in my opinion, so I’ll be doing them for a little bit longer.

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