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Over the past four weeks, all of the topics we have discussed have been a part of a broader spectrum of not only our well being, but our unconscious efforts of stressing and distressing. Mental health is one thing that many may overlook, taking the many signs of depression, anxiety, and stress as no big deal. For some, these three factors tend to get confused with the feeling, rather than the actual case, causing people to self diagnose and disregard treatment. Most of the time we have to many “tabs” open in our minds and need to take a breath. Not only are feelings a big part of our well being, but our genetics and environments play a major role as well. Behaviors, disabilities, and tendencies are susceptible to be apparent in offspring and other families, but may not be addressed clinically; still a major influence. On a positive note, positive psychology shows us how we can change things in our everyday lives and our minds, if we simply replace a negative thought or comment with something positive.

Considering that I have been in exercise science classes and my team was enrolled into a program Called “Positive Performance,” I learned a lot of the information that we have been learning over the past few weeks. The content that I found meaningful to me was listening to music, meditating, and thinking more positively. I tend to say negative things that actually motivate me and I have so much on my mind, but I started listening to meditation music, closing my eyes, and breathing deeply.

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