Fall ’16 – Spring ’17

I feel like most of the topics covered in Weeks 5-10 relate to the way our external environment and internal behaviors contribute to our overall wellbeing. Romantic relationships, positive identity and relationships, yoga, and eat, move and sleep all relate to external factors. Mindfulness and getting to know yourself relate to internal factors. However – … Continue reading Blog Post #2
Signing up for the Science of Happiness was one of the best decisions I ever made.  The most meaningful topics to me were positive psychology, the negativity bias, and forgiveness. I feel as if all of these topics are connected – at least in my interpretation of them. I feel like they all had to … Continue reading Blog Post #3
Taking Science of Happiness has been on e of the best decisions i have made. We have learned extremely relatable and necessary information to benefit my psychological, physical, and mental wellbeing. We cultivated about positive psychology, different reaction yoga has on the mind and body, guided meditation, stress relief, anxiety, depression and mindfulness. The topics that … Continue reading
  I think that most things we learned can be tied back to two topics, the Keyes flourishing scale and the Broaden and Build Theory. The Broaden and Build theory asserts that the positive emotions and habits cultivated when things are good can then be used when things are bad, resulting in positive coping mechanisms, … Continue reading Final Post
This year went fast, and I’m honestly sad to see Science of Happiness go.  This class gave me great information on positive psychology and how I can incorporate different aspects of it into my daily life. From this class, the most meaningful things  I’ve incorporated into my life were the guided meditation and yoga, information … Continue reading SOH: Blog Post #3
Yeleum Lee Univ Science of Happiness Class Blog Post #3   The Science of Happiness class has taught me extremely relatable and necessary information to benefit my mental, psychological, and physical wellbeing. We learned about positive psychology, different effects yoga has on the mind and body, guided meditation, stress relief, anxiety, depression and mindfulness. The topics … Continue reading Blog Post #3
Before the course started, I was unsure what to expect with Science of Happiness. Unlike many students in our class, I am not a psychology major; I am a journalism major, a non-traditional student, and I wanted another class to complete my schedule. When I got the e-mail about Science of Happiness, I realized it […]
Throughout this semester I learned to hone the skills in learning to maintain my mindfulness skills, meditate for anxiety and learn the power of forgiveness. Mindfulness is the power of being present and living in the moment so you can better your stress and anxiety. Being present and taking a breath can really slow down … Continue reading Final Thoughts
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Joining the Science of Happiness class this semester has truly been a blessing. Throughout the semester I have gained so much strength, patience, and…
This semester I have been working so hard to uphold my grades as well as myself. I remember when I signed up for this class I was so excited to see the changes it was going to make in my life. As I reflect back on  the first weekly reading, I learned that I was … Continue reading Crossing the Threshold
The Science of Happiness class gave me a detailed overview of necessary information needed to improve my mental health to help me enjoy life fully. We went over topics such as positive psychology, mindfulness, depression and anxiety, yoga, positive identity, romantic relationships and personality traits. Out of all these topics the major lessons I learned … Continue reading BLOG 3
Blog Post 3 I really enjoyed taking this class and I learned many new things throughout the semester. Some major lessons learned this semester have been giving back, practicing mindfulness, and mental health awareness. I think this last third of
I think that the most meaningful topics for me were the lessons on automatic negative thoughts, mindfulness, and gratitude. I have struggled with automatic negative thoughts a lot, making tasks like presenting, and even calling up to talk to a few friends difficult. I tend to think that my voice is annoying or that I … Continue reading Blog Post 3
Over the course of this past semester I have learned some major lessons, not only about myself but those around me. Some of the major lessons I have learned this semester is how important it is to recognize unhealthy behavior that is going on in your life. Recognizing why you aren’t happy, or what is getting in the way of making you a happier person. …
I would like to start off by saying that I went into this class as a way to get 3 credit hours and did not expect much out of it. However, this could not be farther from the truth. I gained so much experience from SOH. A lot of the guest speakers we had gave … Continue reading Final Blog Post
I think the major lessons I learned from this class were how to effectively deal with my own stress of everyday life to promote living a healthier and happier life over all. For example, the lesson on forgiveness was really important when to came to the personal relationships in my life. I felt so much … Continue reading Blog Post #3
The Science of Happiness has taught me so much about the importance of positive psychology and techniques to improve one’s overall happiness level. The Corey Keyes reading explained that individuals who scored high on the mental health Flourishing Scale experienced fewer physical ailments, fewer missed workdays, higher psychosocial functioning, and higher levels of intimacy. The […]
Science of happiness was a very rewarding class and taught me things that I had no prior knowledge on. My favorite topics covered in this class include positive psychology, romantic relationships, forgiveness, and mindfulness. Positive psychology taught me that the goal of this concept is to cure mental illness. However, it is meant to complement … Continue reading Final Blog Post
Coming into this class, I honestly just needed a class to fill my schedule with graduation looming in my last semester here. I had somewhat of a blasé attitude in the beginning until I started realizing how much this class was so helpful in my life and my life choices. Learning Mindfulness has truly been one … Continue reading SOH Final Blog
This semester has been particularly grueling for me, which is probably the greatest reason I am so thankful for this class. After taking a year off, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The concepts in this class helped me transition back into a full workload routine, and also helped me with some of the … Continue reading Blog Post #3
This semester, the most valuable things I learned were to be mindful, positive, and patient.  Simple things like meditation, and breathing exercises in class helped me out exponentially. I am easily irritated, and I never realized all i needed to do was simply breathe. Just the other day, I was really ticked off about something, … Continue reading SOH FINAL POST
I am so happy I took this class when I did! As a college student who suffers from anxiety, this class has presented me with so many resources and tips I hadn’t thought of. Learning about mindfulness has made all the difference in decreasing my anxiety. I now incorporate it into my everyday routine by … Continue reading Blog #3
This course has taught me so much! My time in this class has been very beneficial. I’ve learned so many things from the readings, weekly exercises, and presenters who came in to teach us new things about positive psychology. I’ve learned to focus on the positive things in life and to be optimistic as possible. … Continue reading BLOG POST 3
After taking this class this semester I believe that I learned so much that I didn’t really know before taking this class. I now understand the factors related to behavioral and emotional health, to include genetic andenvironmental risk factors on both mental health challenges and positive outcomes Have a deeper understanding of their own strengths … Continue reading
    The Science of Happiness journey has taught me a lot this semester both about myself and the general topic of the path to a happier life. Last fall, I stopped by the science of happiness class to see if it is worth taking in the spring. I talked to Mrs. Walsh about the … Continue reading Blog #3
There are many major lessons that I learned from the content this semester. The first major lesson that I learned was how important mindfulness is. Throughout the day we tend to find ourselves going through the same motions. While walking to class I started to be mindful of my surroundings and recognize the things happening … Continue reading Blog Post #3
There are many major lessons I learned from the content this semester. The first lesson I learned content from was about genetic influences on behavior and how genetic influences can change throughout your life. The Weekly Reading by Danielle Dick from Week 2 was very interesting because it informed me about twin studies and how … Continue reading Blog Post #3
After writing my first blog post I focused more on the actual lessons that I received in class. For example, I started focusing more on my well being and realized that my mental, physical, and emotional health all go hand in hand. When we discussed self-care I really got into the habit of “checking in” … Continue reading Blog Post #2
The Science of Happiness class has been a genuinely positive influence on my life and daily habits. Having a lot of experience with mental illness in my family and personal experiences makes this class incredibly important to me. Much of what we learned in the past 5 weeks has been about personal emotional growth and … Continue reading Blog 2
  Beginning with week 5 we discussed romantic relationships with Dr. Salvatore. At first I felt like I couldn’t really connect with this topic because I am not and have not been in a typical romantic relationship in quite sometime. Our discussions focused on how parents and other relationships that we observe as children can… Read More BLOG POST 2
Over the last few weeks, we have covered a range of topics that relate to our everyday lives. Dr. Salvatore spoke about romantic relationships and how the relationships we develop in early childhood can affect the way we make and act in relationships when we are older. I found the studies that she spoke about interesting, because, I believe that as a child it is …
The past few weeks in SOH has been a pretty fun/eye-opening adventure in many different areas of discussion; such as addiction, positive relationships, and we even went and practiced some yoga! So far the best class ever! Even though the topics seems random, they do have a common thread; the topics seem to deal with … Continue reading Blog Post 2
Most of the material we have covered in weeks 5-10 has been different mental and behavioral habits charted by time. We recorded the amount of sleep, eat, and movement we got, different types of meditation skills from the guided relaxation websites, and the different things that made us happy or our day went well and … Continue reading Blog Post 2
In week five we had covered Positive Psychology which focuses on different ways we can think and mentally treat ourselves in a positive manner, wether its counseling or just trying to make its habit to think everyday in a positive manner to better our mental and behavioral habits. This relates to the material we had … Continue reading Blog Post #2
Answer. Entering this class I wanted to learn so much, understand just about everything. I wanted to get what emotions really were. Where did they stem from, why do people do regretful things when emotionally unstable.  we discussed the importance of having a well balanced diet, exercising regularly, and have a stable sleep pattern. We … Continue reading Post 2
This year and this semester, time has gone buy so fast, and within that time I have learned so much information, that I can use in my future. There are several types of meditation, that we used in class, and some I never thought I would use, but I do, I found it to be … Continue reading blog 2
    In the past couple weeks in class we’ve covered developmental impacts for a successful romantic relationship, role of positive emotions on positive psychology, influence of mindfulness on professional work settings, and impact of health related behaviors on college students. All the topics are surrounded by the same idea of emotion and conflict resolutions. … Continue reading Blog 2
We started off this second unit with romantic relationships, which was a perfect because it was Valentine’s Day week. According to Dr. Salvatore’s research, good, healthy relationships are a good indicator of happiness, and the functioning of these relationships is effected by previous ones through either socialization (how you’ve been treated) or social modeling (how … Continue reading Muneera really loves her friends ok
Much of the content from weeks 5-10 was aptly timed. I have been struggling more than usual with my mental health, but not for any discernible reason. Some weeks are just like that, and all we can do is make the best of them. Thus, recent content and exercises were essential for me, even more so […]
The topics we have covered over the 5-10 week period all include ways in which we can improve our well being. I think one of my favorite topics would have to be positive emotions in positive psychology. In that weeks reading, the author noted, “Positive emotions serve as markers of flourishing, or optimal well-being” (Fredrickson, … Continue reading Blog #2
The topics during the last 5-10 weeks have been very thought provoking and really provided valuable insight into my own lifestyle and the relationships with those around me. When Dr. Sood spoke about mood states and depression she mentioned that “Not everyone has a sunny disposition”. This statement struck a chord with me because depression … Continue reading Blog #2
  The topics from the past couple weeks were all intertwined through the discussions of science of  yoga and the neurocognitive behavior when it comes to impulsivity. I think that mindfulness and impulsivity are strongly correlated simply because if you aren’t in the right mind set its easy to be self destructive and live your … Continue reading What has changed and the results
    ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢ The topics discussed in weeks 5-10 all relate in terms of how the relationship with myself,  body, and others can affect my…
To me it seems in weeks 5-10 we focused more on positive psychology as it applies to ourselves compared to weeks 1-4 where we were overviewing concepts. With week 5 focusing on romantic relationships and interpersonal dynamics, it set the
  It is unbelievable that the semester is coming to a close; which means this class is almost over.  I have accumulated so much information from this class and I’ve applied it to my everyday life.  A lot of the topics relate or coincide with each other such as mindfulness and campus resources.  We touched … Continue reading Second BlogPost
For weeks 5-10 (Wow it has really been 10 weeks) all of the lectures have been extremely helpful for me. The lectures that have helped me the most were positive identity, relationships (particularly the Salvatore, Collins and Simpson reading ), and the eating, sleeping, and moving. The eating, sleeping,  and moving activity was probably one of the most helpful … Continue reading Patric Anderson Blog #2
These past 5 weeks of the course have been fascinating and transformational for me. I have learned a vast amount of information that connects very well with each other. In week 5, we learned about relationships. We were required to reflect on good relationships and see what makes them successful. I enjoyed this because it … Continue reading SOH BLOG#2
Over the course of weeks 5 – 10 in Science of Happiness, we have covered a number of interrelated topics: romantic relationships, positive identity and relationships, mindfulness, yoga, diet/exercise/sleep, and personality traits. We learned the importance of establishing romantic relationship competence as it directly relates to how we rate our overall life satisfaction level. While […]
The past 5 weeks all of the topics we have covered have helped further my understanding of living a healthy life. We learned about improving personal health by being mindful of personal habits, such as sleeping, eating, exercising, as well as the importance of having a positive identity. We also explored the different aspects that … Continue reading Living a Healthy Life
We have covered so much more information that I’m not even sure where to start! The research from week five on close relationships really resonated with me, and when discussed in class I realized that it did just as profoundly for others as well. The reading by Salvatore, Collins and Simpson was particularly interesting because … Continue reading Blog Post #2
Throughout weeks 5-10 the topics we discussed in class really pertained to me personally. They were all different, but nonetheless, they informed me of my behaviors and my overall well-being. One thing that I have learned and have noticed are the affects that your environment,other people, and the stressors of having so many “tabs open” isn’t … Continue reading Blog #2
During weeks 5-10, it has been extremely interesting to learn about romantic relationships, positive identity, positive relationships, yoga,   and eating, sleeping, and moving. I believe that romantic relationships and positive relationships relate to each other because positivity plays a role in how well your relationship will be. When it comes to positive relationships, I … Continue reading Blog Post #2
The reason I read about how Mindfulness and Close Relationship could be difficult in your life is because I see bad relationship on television shows. Some people might criticize each other and I learned about relationship because being abusive, having a bad habits and being racist mix up relationships. The researchers learned the patients jeopardize … Continue reading Blog #2
Weeks 5 through 10 have covered numerous topics including; romantic relationships, positive identity and relationships, mindfulness, Yoga (eat, sleep, move), and getting to know yourself. The common ties that I have noticed across the topics are how romantic relationships and positive identity go hand in hand. It is important to take of yourself first or … Continue reading Blog Post #2
A topic I noticed coming up frequently in the discussions from the past few weeks was recognizing you own overall mental health and stability. For example, Dr. Salvatore discussed how to maintain a healthy and functional relationship with another person, which involved looking at your own behavior and how you treat and interact with others. … Continue reading Blog Post #2
In week 5, we learned about automatic thoughts. I learned about how not to worry about emotions as much. Risk factors include depression, loneliness, lack social support, and family history. Another thing I learned is how to regulate emotions. One thing that is different between automatic thoughts and regulating emotions is that regulating emotions is … Continue reading williamsonvs blog 2
As we continue through the semester I can really see how each new topic we learn can connect to the other, sometimes in subtle ways and others are obvious. It has shown me that everything we do, whether it’s out diet, our sleeping habits, our relationships, emotions, etc that they are interconnected and impact the … Continue reading Blog post #2
The first four weeks of class really has flown by and I have gained a lot from each class. In my opinion, the topics in class kind of mesh together because they all deal with forms of happiness or how to maintain a sense of well-being. For example, the Keyes’ Model of complete mental/health flourishing … Continue reading Post numero uno
“What you focus on expands” That’s one thing that has stuck with me the most in the past four weeks of this course. I think it was something Dr. Hancock mentioned, but unfortunately, I do not remember for certain if it was her or not. But that idea is really the premise of many of… Read More What You Focus On Expands
Mindfulness! It is a necessary and great concept that has been trending for a few years now and is slowly gaining in popularity. Mindfulness is not only being aware of your mental state, the state it is in, and what you can do to improve it. So if it isn’t in a great state we … Continue reading Be Aware! Post #1
Mindfulness! It is a necessary and great concept that has been trending for a few years now and is slowly gaining in popularity. Mindfulness is not only being aware of your mental state, the state it is in, and what you can do to improve it. So if it isn’t in a great state we … Continue reading Be Aware! Post #1
  PEACE: freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. Upon entering this class I started on this journey where i was trying to find myself.  It started a coupe months ago. I was going through a rough patch in my life and I forgot how it felt to smile. One day my friend asked me,  “What … Continue reading Peace and Happiness
I feel like Keyes model of complete mental health/flourishing relates to depression, anxiety, and mood states because they both focus on how we feel and what we can do to change those feelings. Creating happiness is positive psychology, satisfaction with life, and even your mental health. You need positive psychology to push through the anxiety … Continue reading Blog Post #1
Over the past four weeks, all of the topics we have discussed have been a part of a broader spectrum of not only our well being, but our unconscious efforts of stressing and distressing. Mental health is one thing that many may overlook, taking the many signs of depression, anxiety, and stress as no big … Continue reading Blog 1
One thing that I really took away from the first four weeks of class was the importance of the concept of awareness. This was really first brought to my attention when learning about the Positive Psychology Interventions. On the slide, it said that over time PPI’s begin to become less effective as the person becomes … Continue reading Awareness Is Key
Some of the new information i have obtained in the first four weeks of SOH is how genetic influences behavior. I was aware that genetics has some sort of play in behavior, but didn’t see who got what behavioral traits down the family line until we had drawn out a family tree to see what … Continue reading SOH Blog Post #1
I found it really interesting how the topics over the last few weeks are interconnected.  The flourishing scale can help use gauge our mental health whether we are affected by mental illnesses or not. It was still a very valuable tool to have an idea on your own level on mental health. Mental health doesn’t … Continue reading Blog post #1
      blog post one: muneera vs the void  Although I’ve taken many classes throughout my college career, this first month in the Science of Happiness has taken me by surprise. For one, I actually retain information, most likely because I have to apply it. This certainly is not to say that I don’t … Continue reading Blog Post 1 – Let’s Flourish!
So what really is happiness I thought when I entered the classroom. The whole idea is temporary pleasures that doesn’t really have much meaning. So what if you’re happy? If you’re contributing nothing to the world. I really entered this class with a very skeptical mindset about happiness. I always thought that “ahh happiness is … Continue reading Blog Post #1
Throughout these past few weeks, The Science of Happiness class has become an eye-opening experience. The lectures, discussions, and activities are not only knowledgeable information but actually real life connections to realistic practices we can use to improve not only our mental health but our lives in general. Keyes’ mental health model of the flourishing … Continue reading The Key to Happiness: Balance
In the Science of Happiness, we learned about the Keyes’ Model of Complete Mental Health, genetic influences on behavior, depression, anxiety and mood states, and positive psychology. All of these contribute to the awareness of mental conditions as a medical condition that can be compared to someone with a broken arm. The awareness of how … Continue reading Blog Post 1
What stood out to me the most in the first four weeks was the lesson about automatic negative thoughts. For as long as I can remember I would have these random, negative thoughts whenever I planned to do something whether it was going out with friends or how I would feel doing assignments in class. … Continue reading Blog Post #1
The first four weeks of the science of happiness class have defiantly been influential. The topic that were discussed in class included what cause human behavior, genetic influences on behavior, mood states and introduction into positive phycology. All topic discussed are related due to the nature of how our brains work. It is important to … Continue reading
During the first four weeks of class, we have examined the meaning of happiness, as well as the factors that influence our ability to achieve it. While happiness is difficult to measure, we learned that the Keyes Flourishing Scale can gauge an individual’s level of hedonic well-being and positive functioning. A study by Corey Keyes […]
From day one, I felt as though this class would be a very positive experience for me. In just a few short weeks, we have already discussed several techniques that have improved my mindset on a daily basis. Beginning the course with the Keyes model was an excellent step into understanding in what ways I … Continue reading Blog Post #1
  When I entered this class I had no idea what to expect. I remember my advisor suggested it and told me it was a very popular class. I decided to take it and I LOVE it. It is a very interesting class and it offers way more than I thought I would get out … Continue reading first 4 weeks
All of the topics we have addressed in these first few weeks of class have been building upon one another to present a complete view of what mental health is. The Keyes Flourishing model demonstrated the complete model of mental
Happiness. The word itself conjures up completely different images all depending on the unique individual. Even then, moments later, they may define the exact same word again as something entirely different. It’s this beauty that keeps us constantly striving to achieve it, despite all its fluidity. The first few weeks of the class have been … Continue reading Grabbing the Intangible
Over the first 4 weeks in class I have learned a variety of way to obtain “happiness”. One of the techniques that has helped me is mindfulness.  Mindfulness is being conscious or aware of the situation that you are in. Whether if you are upset and need to control your temper or happy and need to appreciate … Continue reading Patric Anderson Blog #1
What is happiness? Happiness to me is probably different than what happiness is to you. How we perceive happiness is through pre-disposed genes, environmental factors, and life circumstances. During Dr. Dicks lecture I learned that the largest influence on what makes us happy or unhappy is genetics, around 50% to be exact. So what about the other 50%? Well mostly that is up to you! …
Maintaining mental wellbeing has been one of my primary struggles for most of my life. Since being diagnosed with depression as a child and anxiety when I was a bit older, I feel I have often used trial-and-error to put myself in the best position possible. Mental health is critical to overall health, of course, and […]
Maintaining mental wellbeing has been one of my primary struggles for most of my life. Since being diagnosed with depression as a child and anxiety when I was a bit older, I feel I have often used trial-and-error to put myself in the best position possible. Mental health is critical to overall health, of course, and […]
Everyone deserves happiness. About four years ago I fell into a deep depression after dealing with a series of unfortunate events  that happened in my life.  At the time I felt as though I knew what was going on with me yet I was still in denial about it given my  happy-go-lucky personality; I was … Continue reading Pathway to Happiness
So far, this course has truly taught me how to become more mindful and aware of the steps I can take to improve my happiness. We began the semester by finding where we each fall on the Keyes flourishing scale. This scale helps one determine the state of their mental health. Keyes uses the word … Continue reading The First Four Weeks
So far, this course has truly taught me how to become more mindful and aware of the steps I can take to improve my happiness. We began the semester by finding where we each fall on the Keyes flourishing scale. This scale helps one determine the state of their mental health. Keyes uses the word … Continue reading The First Four Weeks
How can I achieve happiness in this world full of struggles,daily hassles, and unfair trials.  The Science of Happiness is something that is new on the market seeking to help individuals find their rightful place within themselves. Happiness can be found anywhere whether it is through mindfulness, music, writing in  an journal, or even doing … Continue reading First Four Weeks
  ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊♦◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊♦◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ Take a moment and Imagine if you lived in a flavorless, colorless world. All your life you have only read about the world…
This was a sad article to read.  I haven’t known many people my age that have had experience with substance use other than alcohol, but the horror stories from teens who have overdosed or lost their lives over drugs remind me that it is a very real thing.  Most teens don’t see it as harming themselves, […]
The article discusses a study done to measure the strengths of character traits of college students.  There are 24 character traits and the article concludes that college students have all of them.  Certain ones came up more often then others.  Also, nearly half of the character strengths varied by gender, but that was the only […]
The article implies that forgiveness is when a person no longer feels angry at the other person and when they start to feel somewhat positive feelings too.  It discusses the benefits of forgiveness and how it changes the forgiver. At a church conference a few years ago, the theme was forgiveness.  I chose to forgave […]
After reading this article, I definitely agree with the argument being posed in this article. I think that mental health is a topic that is ignore too often when the importance cannot be made more clear. Being at college level of education, the stress level of academics heightens and I feel like people try to … Continue reading 11/20
Before reading this article, I had no previous knowledge of environmental conditions being a factor for increased risky behavior  such as increased drug or alcohol abuse. Though I did know that genetics play a major role in the life of adolescents that are predisposed due to their genetic makeup. What I found very interesting was … Continue reading 9/4
Without having much knowledge about psychology , I found this article very interesting. Knowing that there are various types of psychology especially positive psychology was very new to me. I learned that psychology is what makes people grow as individuals when times of stress are high or when the source of someone’s owns happiness is … Continue reading 9/11
After reading this article, I reflecting back on the years I was in high school. I was constantly surrounded by people that developed tolerance for alcohol in early adolescence as well as for drugs. It was interesting to find out that people have a different risk rate for an SUD. You can just have a … Continue reading 10/23