SOH Spring ’16

In their article titled, “Efficacy of Psychotherapeutic Interventions to Promote Forgiveness: A Meta-Analysis,” authors Nathaniel Wade, Julia Kidwell, William Hoyt, and Everett Worthington investigate the phenomenon of forgiveness, as well as the treatments in which forgiveness is fostered. According to the authors, forgiveness is defined by “the reduction of vengeful and angry thoughts, feelings, and … Continue reading The Individual and Mutual Benefits of Forgiveness
I really enjoyed this week’s article. I think relationships play a vital role in someone’s overall happiness. Whether it is with your significant other, friend, or family member, the relationship will either have a positive or negative effect on your life. I like how in the article it talked about how not only your parents have … Continue reading Relationships
I really liked this article because I’ve been excited to talk about depression and how that factors into the Science of Happiness. I think it is incredibly important to talk about depression in this class because as the article mentioned, it is one of the biggest health problems globally.  I know so many people with […]
From reading the article about depression in teens it talks about how many teenagers gothrough depression from many ways. I learned from this article that depression happens a lot forteenagers and for other people. In the article it explains about the examples of what causes teenagers tobe depressed. What depression means to me is that … Continue reading Depression
My experience this semester has been very growing. I completely believe that this course has changed me- irrevocably. It has made me exam my attitudes and behaviors. The course has encouraged me to take a deep, honest, holistic look at my intentions and myself. During this process, I have found certain actions or behaviors that … Continue reading Reflection.
With the knowledge I’ve gained over the semester, I can say that I’ve received enough information that will help me with personal problems. In the beginning of the semester, I’ve stated that I’ve always had an issue with focusing on negativity and letting negativity get to me. I don’t deal with stress too well, so […]
I think this class has had many ups and downs for me. I learned the mechanics to stress management, my strengths and how to think outside of my tiny box. I learned that they’re not weaknesses, but rather “lesser strengths” and should be treated as things we can improve on. I learned that taking a … Continue reading Reflection
When I first started this course I did not know what to expect from it.  At first  I did not think I would get so much helpful information that I could use in the future and more detailed information about things I did not know.  This course has provided me with different techniques on how … Continue reading Reflection
      I feel like I have gained a broader understanding and appreciation for A LOT of things when it came to this class. My post course ratings were a bit higher also. What stuck with me the most was mindfulness. I often find myself stopping at certain points of the day or in […]
When I first received the email introducing me to the opportunity of enrolling myself in the new Science of happiness course at VCU, I thought it was too good to be true. I have witnessed the stigma and silence that clouds mental health in more than one place in this nation. The uncomfortable approach to … Continue reading The Science of Happiness
Wow, this semester has been crazy. Even taking fewer credits, I felt overwhelmed probably 90% of the time. When I look back on it though, there are only a few changes I would make. From class, using positive thinking is the best way to recap what I experienced this semester and how I can make […]
While Science of Happiness ended up being different than what I expected, I still enjoyed the class and learned a lot of new information. I’m not sure if I see any changes in myself right now but there are definitely some things from this class that I want to incorporate into my life. As I … Continue reading reflection
My pre- and post-course self-ratings were about the same. That came as a little bit of a surprise because I definitely feel different. I’ve learned ways to cope with anxiety, bedtime habits to get the best rest possible, eating habits to feel more energized and healthy, and on and on. So, yes, taking this course most definitely changed me in the best ways possible. I feel …
This semester I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself, and this class has had a huge part to play in that. One of my biggest realizations was that just about everything that this class has taught me about being happy has the scientific evidence that really backs up what I’ve always believed about being happy … Continue reading End of the Semester Wrap-up
I feel more opinionated after going through the Science of Happiness. We have learned ways to help each other, and identified things that cause hurt. I am more certain of the types of people I want to surround myself with. Lessons in mindfulness and forgiveness came to me at a good time. I feel better prepared … Continue reading Thank you
When I heard in class that many people either improved, stayed the same, or declined, I thought “Oh, no. The worse one is probably me.” Lo and behold, I was right. I just think that in the beginning of the course, I was excited when school had started and was ready to go into class … Continue reading I can see more.
Interestingly, my post-course self-rating scales increased in all categories in ccomparison to my pre-course scales.  Although five months is a short amount of time, this course has certainly introduced me to topics and areas that I hope remember beyond this semester.  One of my favorite lectures was on positive emotions by Dr. Armstrong in the […]
I think through this class, I have learned to control my anger and to be more considerate of others. I learned about communication and that science is more than just experiments. In regards to my scores, in the beginning they were ok, but now they are somewhat better. I think I have especially improved on … Continue reading Tyra’s Experience
I was given the EAT assignment. Which I thought was hilarious because that’s all I do anyway. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake. No pun intended. (ok, maybe just a little.) It was quite the contrary actually. I never realized how erratic my eating was until I had to keep […]
I had the great pleasure of tracking my poor eating habits!! This week had been stressed filled and full of meetings. I have to be at  work everyday at 7: 30am. I am not a morning person so eating breakfast is out! I then have class everyday at 2pm. My classes end at 6:45pm or 9:40. Unfortunately … Continue reading Eat!!!
I received the move assignment. I kinda wished I received the sleep assignment because of the fact that I do more of that than being active. I used to be an active person when I was younger, but when I came to college that all changed. One thing I learned was the only time I’m […]
I received the move assignment. I kinda wished I received the sleep assignment because of the fact that I do more of that than being active. I used to be an active person when I was younger, but when I came to college that all changed. One thing I learned was the only time I’m […]
Tracking my sleep made me realize that I usually sleep 9-10 hours. Dr. Mountcastle mentioned that 7-9 hours is ideal, so I may be oversleeping when I sleep 10 hours. I tend to go to bed between 1am-2am and wake up around 11am. If I ever naturally wake up before 10am, I’ll go back to … Continue reading Sleep Journal
Tracking my sleep made me realize that I usually sleep 9-10 hours. Dr. Mountcastle mentioned that 7-9 hours is ideal, so I may be oversleeping when I sleep 10 hours. I tend to go to bed between 1am-2am and wake up around 11am. If I ever naturally wake up before 10am, I’ll go back to … Continue reading Sleep Journal
I think it was funny that I got the “eat” journal because my weight and eating habits have been an issue for me ever since I had scoliosis surgery the summer before my junior year in high school. Before my back surgery, I loved my body and I always had an appetite and I was … Continue reading Eat Journal
For this week’s exercise I was assigned to keep a sleep journal.   While writing down things about my sleep habits I learned that everyday its something different.  I can say this week I probably have gotten about 6 hours of sleep everyday.  From the power point it says that the average person should get at … Continue reading Sleep Habits
I love documenting things and nutrition and all things food so being assigned the food journal was a wonderful coincidence! I already keep track of what I eat daily, although admittedly halfheartedly, so this task was no hiccup in my usual activities. First I want to comment on something interesting I noticed throughout this week of documenting my meals before Dr. Mountcastle lectured on Wednesday: how much …
The past week, I was assigned the move journal. I used the tracker online for my journal and found that the food journal was also there, so I started keeping that. I found that it was difficult to only keep one and not the other because they are so closely tied. Every day, I have […]
  For this weeks exercise I happened to be assigned to the move exercise. This seemed like an extremely relevant and fitting category to journal on for this week’s topic because I play ultimate Frisbee and the past two weeks my team and I have been conditioning and strengthening ourselves for our regional tournament that … Continue reading A Healthy Heart & Healthy Mind
As someone who has suffered from chronic insomnia for many years, I was actually pretty happy I got assigned the sleep journal. I’ve tried logging my sleep habits many times, but I either forget about it or just don’t think it does anything. So having this assignment forced me to actually be consistent which was … Continue reading Sleep Journal
  April 25: Resilience and Stress Reduction On Monday, Dr. Armstrong offered a great lesson about stress and resilience. She described that it is what you experience when you believe you cannot cope with a situation. I love that Armstrong talked about good stress too. She talked about how stress can be an opportunity for […]
My assignment for this week was to jot down everything I ate for 3-5 days. This was pretty easy for me because I already record what I eat during the day, how much I exercise, and my goals. I decided to start this project on Monday the 25th, mostly because I was gone all weekend […]
I’m going to be completely honest with all of you, I hated this assignment because I was assigned “move.” I was truly hoping to get assigned my area of expertise (sleep), but this was out of my realm of judgment, so I digress. I realized this week how much I absolutely hate walking to class … Continue reading I (don’t) like to move it
Last week, I was assigned to the ‘eat’ exercise. I did something like this in high school, having to log in everything I ate during the day for an entire week. It got old really fast, and sometimes I forgot to even do it. I didn’t care. Why does it matter what I eat? Why is… Read More
I got assigned to track my sleep this week. And this week is probably the worst example of sleep I have gotten all semester. This is the week that the most of my final assignments/tests were due for my classes, and the heavy demand definitely showed through my sleep. To track my sleep I used … Continue reading sleep
I found that I got less sleep than the CDC recommendation. Most nights I’ll get a solid eight hours in though. When tests or deadlines upcoming it can be beneficial to lose sleep and put in work. Today’s math test was much harder than anticipated, so I’m glad I took the extra time to prepare. As … Continue reading Zzz…
I was assigned to the sleep journal. I noticed I mainly surf the web until I feel sleepy enough to go to sleep. I don’t set a specific time for me to go to sleep unless it’s getting really late to the point where my sleep is not optimal. Just like Dr. Dick, I always … Continue reading I would like 9 hours.
While I would rather do anything else in the world than exercise, I like to be fun and creative. I like to live in a place I call “Tyra Land.” I hate running and sports, but I love to dance. I love to be creative and think outside the box. Dancing may be the closest … Continue reading Tyra on her feet
  Saturday I went to a concert then went out so I went to bed super late at like 2:30. My sleep was super easy and uninterrupted. I slept until 10:30 and laid in bed until 11:00, so I got in 8 hours but didn’t really feel well rested since I had been out the […]
I was very happy to be assigned the move journal. About two months ago I started making an effort to go to the gym everyday and l keep track of my progress. I usually hit the arc machine. This journal exercise was particularly easy for me because I always do 50 minutes on the arc … Continue reading Move Journal
For this week’s assignment, I was given the task to keep a sleep journal.  Overall, I found this daily log to be helpful in recognizing my sleeping habits and patterns.  Although I don’t suffer from any sleeping disorders like insomnia or breathing difficulties while sleeping, I still think there is valuable information in consistently recording […]
I kind of appreciate the idea of self deception and how prevalent it can be in a business/corporation setting and how that can perpetuate itself and inspire a negative culture within an organization. Putting it into those terms made it more accessible for someone like me who isn’t particularly fond of a more touchy feel … Continue reading Sustainable Change
I enjoyed the reading and class discussion. The “in the box” analogy stood out to me.  When we are “in the box,” we see things in terms of the self-justifying images that we’ve created. We see people who challenge these images as threats and those who reinforce these images as allies. Hence perpetuating the cycle. … Continue reading Positive Polly not Debbie Downer
Preparing for this week was difficult for me because of the Emotional Alchemy selection. From the topic and title, I figured it would be about interactions with people and maybe why we do or don’t get along with certain people. What I read though put me through a loop. The first section is titled “Abandonment” […]
I think the message of the reading is something that is very relevant to everyone, and can be applied to professional and personal life. While I was reading the text I kept thinking yes, I definitely know people who possess these qualities and are “inside the box”. I could think of specific people I knew … Continue reading in the box
At a time in age where everyone believes in obtaining the highest level of triumph for themselves and themselves only, I think it takes an individual who is extremely self-aware to approach this topic of self-deception and immediately recognize it as a detectible behavior. Upon being introduced to the concept of the text Leadership and … Continue reading Coming Out of the Box
This week  came as something that I needed to hear. Although I’ve been working on myself with this particular set of topics- I needed more things to help solidify my mindset. So this week, I got back the results of a project that I had worked really hard on. Hand drawn, great storyline and all […]
Before reading this  book I had never seriously thought about my triggers, hot words, or even the notion of having a box to hide in, but now I see  a pattern in my own life, as well as all around me. Dr. Wupong talked about how she felt when a colleague didn’t treat her the […]
I really enjoyed this week’s lesson about social well-being and self-awareness because I think this is important knowledge and life skills to have. In the book Leadership and Self-Deception, it specifically states that self-deception “determines one’s experience in every aspect of life” and I find this absolutely true because your personal perceptive of how you … Continue reading Think Outside the Box
The readings and class discussion have been relevant to my life as a leader. While I have been at odds with a particular member of my organization, I realize that putting myself “in the box” is a great way to destroy morale and trust. Setting a company norm for forgiveness is the only way to turn … Continue reading Forgiveness breaks the cycle
I thought this week’s material was sort of complicated, but extremely beneficial at the same time. In class we talked about being “in the box” and how it involves us being blind to our roles in certain relationships. It’s seeing people as irrelevant and labeling them as unimportant. In the book “Leadership and Self-Deception”, Tom… Read More
The other night I was out with my mom at a restaurant. There was a woman there who led people to the tables, who was popping bubble gum and talking on her cell phone at the same time. I thought she was so rude, which made me not want to eat there. I angrily told … Continue reading Dinner with Tyra
Social Well Being & Self Awareness Leadership & Self Deception // Emotional Alchemy As Doctor Wu-Pong started her lecture “Do Unto Others,” I had no idea the level of relevance it would have on my day and what happened earlier that morning. We talked about the basic problems in relationships and discussed our book, Leadership & […]
  This week I did several acts of kindness. Most of it was done out of my normal habit but this this time I focused on the persons reaction. I read a quote that said NO ACT OF KINDNESS HOWEVER SMALL IS WAISTED-Aesop My first act of kindness was accidental! I was being the potato … Continue reading
Over the week, I was able to be there for someone who was going through hard times. They felt comfortable enough to break down to me about some bad news that they received. I basically prayed for them and gave them some positive advice. The next day they were in a much better mood, and […]
This week had a focus on positive emotions. As stated in the Fredrickson article, positive emotions can improve overall emotional wellbeing. One act of kindness I did this week is give my boyfriend a small gift. He has been down this week because he got in a car accident a few days ago, and I … Continue reading Acts of Kindness
This week focused on positive emotions and forgiveness/humility. We read about positivity and how it seems  to be fundamental to human progress.  The reading talks about how positive emotions benefit us and are a huge part of positive psychology.  It explained how positive emotions help us to adapt to life better and create social bonds. … Continue reading Always Progressing
It’s a weird process to have to go through your week and pick out two specific times when you showed kindness. I would hope I am doing little acts of kindness throughout the day, such as hold the door for someone, treat all the customers at work with utmost respect and assistance, and just emit … Continue reading kindness
This week we were asked to do two acts of kindness for others in relation to our positive emotions that result from them. As I was reflecting on this during class, I realized that doing acts of kindness shouldn’t JUST go to those who are kind to us, but to those who give us a … Continue reading New Every Morning
I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the prompt until write before I wrote this, so I didn’t intentionally go out of my way to do something. Thinking back on my week though, I could recall lots of things I did. But this proves something I believe to be very important: acts of kindness should be […]
As a way to encourage the use and spread of positive psychology, Professor Armstrong wanted us to perform a handful of small acts of kindness over the course of the week to expand the power of positivity in our day to day lives. The first act of kindness I performed was supplying a very confused … Continue reading The Affect of Kind Deeds
The challenge this week was for each of us to do two (or more) acts of random kindness in our community. Sometimes I don’t think we realize just how easy it is to do something kind or how many times we do it throughout the day without even realizing. This can be something as little […]
(In typical VIFYEL fashion, this post is a little late! ^^ ) This week we were supposed to do 2 random acts of kindness. Although this is something I do often without reason- I was particularly excited for it anyway. This week- I remember buying lunch for a friend or two. It was something that […]
I read a quote on book that says “kindness is one thing we all have the ability to share”. As I was thinking about how I can spread kindness, it brings a smile to me. I know that kindness can be accomplished in so many ways that the effects can bring happiness to others. I was thinking … Continue reading Kindness
One act of kindness I did this week was just listening and helping my friend through a mental breakdown. She’s been going through a really hard time adjusting to some changes in her life and all she really needed was someone to talk to, so I just listened to her vent for hours. After she … Continue reading Pass It On
One act of kindness that I did this week was defending a person of colour when a white, racist man was calling her horrific names (n-word, b-word, everything.) I stood up for her when she couldn’t speak anymore, because her tears were taking over her. I didn’t know her, and I never caught her name, … Continue reading Acts of love
I have always been a fan of random acts of kindness because it benefits both parties and often creates a domino effect. Acts of kindness can be very simple yet can have such a huge impact on people’s days. One act I did this week was paying for my roommate’s meal when we went out to a restaurant. She has had a really tough week …
This week was interesting because we focused on positive emotions and forgiveness, which were things that I struggled with this week. I was upset at my family for something and it’s taking me a while to forgive them because it usually takes me a little while to calm down before I can process forgiveness. I … Continue reading Kindness is powerful
Last night, I was watching a film called Room.  The plot is about a women named Joy and her five-year-old son, Jack, who are held captive in a small shed they call Room.  Inside, they share a bed, toilet, bathtub, TV, a small skylight window, and a make-shift kitchen.  Their meals don’t have much variety […]
One thing I did was write that letter of gratitude to my mother. She loved it and just seeing the joy and happiness light up her face was more than enough satisfaction. She’s my mother and it pleases me whenever I do something that makes her happy or proud. She has done so much for … Continue reading Do All Things With Kindness
When I think about acts of kindness and what they consist of, I think of so many different possibilities. To me acts of kindness are something we do every day without even realizing it. They can range from smiling at somebody or holding the door open to donating your time and energy to a cause… Read More
Last week, I told a friend that her hair looked nice. It made me happy to see that my friend was happy. I think it impacted my friend because she liked the compliment. It made me feel good to compliment her, but I don’t think it had any impact on the way I think about … Continue reading Tyra’s Acts of Kindness
This week was especially hard for me. I am not usually a person who has to try to be happy or positive…until this week. Usually I wake up very happy but almost every single day this week I was feeling so down and upset when I woke up all I wanted to do was pull […]
  Small acts of kindness are so undervalued, don’t you think? You don’t have to spend money or do something over the top, though these gestures are kind too! To me, a smile from a passerby is a random act of kindness, and I try to commit it just about everyday. This week, however, I wanted […]
I can truly and honestly say that my work and school are both suited to myself and my needs incredibly well. At work, I feel I have a purpose. I feel a sense of engagement that makes the time I am there fly by. I work with children in a day care setting and I get such a sense of accomplishment whenever I can get …
After reading Rath’s Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements and taking the assessment offered in the back of the book, I was given an “Overall Wellbeing” score. I was given a series of questions and my scores gave me a lot to think about areas I should applaud myself more in and one’s I would like […]
I wasn’t able to attend class this week but I enjoyed reading the Managing Yourself: Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Want article. ? This article resonated with me the most. I just began working a new job less than 2 weeks ago and I already see several things I dislike. After … Continue reading I AM FATIMA!
Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” and I’ve always tried to live by this. I know that I’m still young and I have a lot of time to decide on what I want exactly to do,  but I’ve never been attracted … Continue reading My Mission
As of right now as graduation gets closer and closer, I’m thinking and stressing more about changing my environment and spending habits. For me, starting to become financially successful is most important right now. I realize that I’m going to be in the real adult world in a couple months so I know that I […]
I’ve enjoyed taking this class because its given me better insight on how to treat people with anxiety and depression (that aren’t myself and I can’t hold them to my standards of treatment). Doing the personal mission statement activity was extremely helpful to me. It gave me tangible goals that I could hold myself to … Continue reading What I want…
This week was rough, as I was unable to attend class at all, but I’m so glad it’s almost over because this weekend is Easter, I get to spend time with my family, and my birthday is on Tuesday! I’m glad to finally be back in Richmond and relax a little bit now that the […]
Despite the activities we did leading up to/ during this week I still have no idea what my long term personal mission statement is…. whoops. With only a little over a month to go until I graduate, the personal mission statement hit a little too close to home, and made me realize how unprepared I am … Continue reading personal mission
This week we talked a lot about our personal mission statements as well as different goals and purposes.  Although this lesson really made me think and try to piece things together- I found it a bit distressing. I was glad that I wasn’t the only one that felt this way. Many people have the general […]
  Throughout my life I feel like I have allowed myself several opportunities of imagining my future and what I want it to embody: what it is like, what I do, who is in it with me, but now that it is more relevant and closer than ever, I still feel like I have a … Continue reading [My] Path to Success
This week we focused a lot on finding purpose and trying to create a mission statement.  The reason behind the mission statement is to better understand what you want to do or be in life.  This is not necessarily just about a career but life itself.  Dr. Wu-Pong continuously asked individuals, “Is this something you … Continue reading What’s your purpose?
As I move forward into my junior year of college  I still do not know my views on my professional development plans. I really need to stay focused on my professional development plans after I graduate from college. I keep changing my mind about how I plan to use my college degree in business administration/management. I think it … Continue reading Moving Forward
The one change I know I need to make is to put myself out there more. In my professional and personal life. However, I’m still not clear in how to do that. I’ve become so comfortable with how things are, that I don’t feel motivated to push myself to do more. I like that Dr. … Continue reading What’s My Mission?
Work hard, play hard, and be humble. Personal development not only requires effort and perseverance, but patience in order gain that momentum to grow your character and reach your goals.  With graduation just right around the corner, I couldn’t be more appreciative of this reflection.  This past year has been quite a journey.  I’ve never […]
Some changes that I plan to make in the distant future that will help me reach the goals I’ve set for myself are putting all of my effort into getting better and trying harder in school. I recognize how fortunate I am to be here at VCU and I need to be doing everything I … Continue reading Loving myself
This week’s classes were so fulfilling to me and I feel like I’ve learned even more about myself. Putting all the brainstorming together and finding my mission statement made me feel more prepared personally, academically, as well as professionally. My mission statement is to instill compassion, a sense of wonder, and mindfulness in others. This […]