Crystal Mayberry is an 18 year old black woman, recently freed of the foster care system after almost 13 years of bouncing from home to home.  Crystal was born prematurely after her pregnant mother was stabbed in the back during a robbery, both the mother and daughter survived but Crystal grew up in a home full of drugs and domestic violence. Crystal bounced around foster homes for years, she began getting in fights and at the age of 16 dropped out of high school. Crystal was temporally barred from low-income housing due to her assault charges, however her caseworker arranged for her to move into an apartment subsidized by a child welfare agency. To keep the apartment, Crystal had to find a job and steady income however she was not interested and attempted to live off of $754 monthly SSI check for Bipolar Disorder, she had also been diagnosed with Postramautic Stress Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Borderline Intellectual Functioning, and Emerging Personality Disorder Dynamics with Borderline Features. After 8 months Crystal was told to leave the apartment, she stepped into homelessness, sleeping at shelters, on the street, and with anyone who would take her in. Desperate times called for desperate measures, before meeting Arleen, Crystal had stayed a month with a woman she met on the bus. found Sherrena’s property on Thirteenth Street, and took a tour planning to rent it out as her first apartment. Crystal met Arleen and her sons who were currently living in the apartment, but had been told by Sherrena that they had a pending eviction notice and 1 day to leave the property. Seeing Arleen and her children’s struggle, Crystal extended a hand and offered to allow the family to stay until they found a new home. Sherrena had no complaints with the agreement and Arleen was shocked but incredibly grateful.  A week after Crystal had moved in, Arleen began to see traces of her manic behavior. While searching for apartments, Arleen received a call from a screaming Crystal demanding they they be out of her house by that night, she mentioned something about Jori, one of Arleens sons, being disrespectful. However Arleen knew that Crystal was acting out because she was hungry, and there was no food in the house. Crystal took advice from an older woman that she had met in a group home, who she referred to as her “spiritual mother”. After a long night of Crystal spewing profanities and religious talk, she ate the food that Arleen brought home, and concluded that she could not put the family out on the street. The day after the argument Crystal met Trisha, a tenant who lived upstairs, and the two became friends. Crystal knew that Trisha was being physically abused by her boyfriend, and after hours of hearing noise from upstairs, called Sherrena, who didn’t answer. Then she called 911 multiple times. When they left, Arleen looked at Crystal and said, “You must want to lose your house”. Sherrena was contacted by the police and recommended to remove both tenants, she decided to start with Arleen. She made an agreement with the two, Arleen could stay until Thursday if Crystal agreed to move into one of Sherrena’s other properties. If she said no, Arleen had to be out the next day. However, Sherrena  later decided that she was done with both Arleen and Crystal, and faxed an eviction notice to the Milwaukee PD. On Crystals eviction court papers, Shereena had written “Causes substantial disturbances with upper and lower tenants (with police involvement) and unauthorized subleasing to an evicted tenant. At the end of February, she packed her things in two clear garbage bags and left without going to court, wrongly assuming that doing so would keep her name clean. She stayed at The Lodge where she hated the food, but had a warm, clean, and free room. At The Lodge, Crystal met Vanetta Evans, another woman to fill the role of a mother figure in her life and after a week they decided to look for housing together. After trying for seventy-three places, Vanetta and Crystal were approved for a $500-a-month two-bedroom apartment. Not long after moving in, a woman Crystal and Vanetta knew from The Lodge came over, and used up all of Crystals cell-phone minutes. So Crystal threw her phone through the window. After the cops left, Vanetta used what she had saved at the shelter to fix the broken window, and told Crystal not to come back. It was the only way the landlord would allow Vanetta and her children to stay. Nuisance activity is a leading cause in eviction. Landlords pay fines for every police call made, and if the calls continue, the landlord can be charged an extensive fee or face jail time. Because of this, landlords discourage police calls and will evict tenants for doing so. Tenants either must deal with the dangerous situation themselves, or risk eviction by calling the police. After Crystal left she called social services of Vanetta. Crystal got into several conflicts with congregants, bishops, and eventually her minister. She joined a new church and continued to live on the streets and in homeless shelters. Crystal lost her SSI when she was no longer a minor, and her only source of income became food stamps. She tried selling blood, asking family members for money, and eventually turned to prostitution.