Small Piece of a Bigger Picture

Finding my connections weren’t to hard as I am around the same small circle all the time, although the assignment does open up your mind for a broader aspect of life as you have to realize which groups you fit into in the bigger picture.

The most obvious connections were my micro. I mean these are people that I am with every single day. I spend time with them the most and they are the easiest to define in my life. I feel like they are the easiest because these are the people you rely on and are apart of everyday. My family has been here since day one and has not left my life since. I always have them to rely on. My girlfriend is someone who has just recently became apart of my life, but I still spend a lot of time with her and share things with her that you don’t with other people. These people are my closest people where my relationships are the most sincere and safe. My meso groups were fairly easy also because I have always been a social person, but I have been around the same things all my life. Sports have always came 2nd after family, well and school..(lol) but I have always been in that group of people. I also have always lived in the Highland Springs community and this community is MY community and I feel like I will always be apart of this community. Then you have some clubs I did in middle school and high school, but with the meso group it isn’t so much just individual relationships, its a “team” group people you are around trying to achieve a goal I feel like. Then there was the macro level which was a little bit tough. These aren’t apart of my everyday life so its hard to really define them. Although my fraternity could be a meso group, I looked at it as a Macro group because we are tying to accomplish a national goal. Something that impacts us nationally not just our own fraternity at VCU but the others across the U.S. Also I am apart of a generation where things have change dramatically. With social media rising and technology changing, we are apart of the generation that is really revolutionizing a world and giving the world new views on things. Your macro groups are groups where the bigger picture is above everything. It is something that changes a nation, changes our world, gives views for things that effect people nationally and worldwide. This was the most difficult cause my life doesn’t involve looking at the bigger picture in most cases but this assignment makes you think about it.

All in all, I learned a little something about myself doing the assignment. I learned that there are things way bigger than myself in this world, and even in the U.S. I learned that I am apart of a group of people looking to revolutionize the world, and although I am just one in a million, I am still a small part of that group, a group that seems to be continuing to redefine the world today.

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  1. I can definitely see your fraternity as a macro group since Alpha Kappa Lambda is not just a group at VCU but a community of Alpha Kappa Lamda’s all over the country, but then you could have said greek life in general as a macro level ..? Just a thought. I love how you embedded music into your prezi, it definitely added character.

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